Win 100 Books at National Book Store!


Win 100 Books at National Book Store

Get a chance to be 1 of 5 lucky winners of 100 books with every purchase of any participating titles from Harper Collins, Lonely Planet Publication, McGraw-Hill Education, Penguin Random House, Scholastic Asia, and Simon & Schuster.

It’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get 100 books in one go and start mapping  out your 2017 to-read list. It’s the perfect time to complete the books on your shelves and try out ot her genres. It’s the amazing Christmas gift set book lovers have been wishing to receive.

Here’s how it works:
1. You will get one (1) raffle ticket for every purchase of any participating title from Harper Collins, Lonely Planet Publication, McGraw-Hill Education, Penguin Random House, Scholastic Asia and Simon & Schuster. Purchases must be made from November 11 to December 4, 2016 only.
2. Upon any valid purchase, cashier will stamp the receipt as VALID FOR PROMO. You must present your official receipt to the customer service representative to get your raffle ticket/s.
3. Fill out the raffle ticket with your complete name, address, e-mail address, contact number, and signature and drop at drop box located at the customer service area. Deadline of submission of entries will be at store closing on December 4, 2016.

Promo runs from November 11 to December 4, 2016 in all National Book Store branches. See posters for more details.

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Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 15971, Series of 2016.

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25 responses to “Win 100 Books at National Book Store!”

  1. Hi NBS Team! Just dropped by your branch at CLA Town Center in Brgy. Binan Areza, Pagsanjan, Laguna to try and buy a participating book for your #Win100BooksatNBS promo. Unfortunately, after paying for said book, the cashier did not check if it was eligible. I had to ask first before they verified. Then to my dismay, they asked that I write my name and contact number in a log book. Let me stress it out, LOG BOOK. Apparently they haven’t been given tickets to use for their store. I have to say, for a promo to be announced on all of your social media accounts for your customers, and not all the stores nationwide to be prepared, that is very disappointing. May I suggest next time you try something like this, please have ALL your branches prepared by briefing them ahead of time and giving them the necessary materials for the project?

    P.S. Also, it seems I’ll have to say goodbye to any chance I would have had at “winning” the contest since I now don’t have much hope that my book purchase earlier would be processed properly given the current circumstances. I’ve got to say, it’s a drag.

    • Hello Anne. It’s unfortunate you had this experience. We’ll take note of your suggestion and certainly be better prepared for future promos. You may return to the store and present your receipt to avail of the raffle ticket. Thank you for raising your concern to us.

    • Hello! For this promo, any title from the following publishers: Harper Collins, Lonely Planet, McGraw Hill, Penguin, Scholastic, and Simon & Schuster. Let us know if you have any further concerns! 🙂

      • Hello! I visited your branch at SM Aura and bought one of the Fantastic Beasts title and supposedly, Seven Wonders 4. But I was told Seven Wonders and the Fantastic Beasts book are not qualified for this promo. They showed a memo with the list of books eligible for this promo. Kindly clarify if it really is any title or if that list of books in the memo shows the titles that are part of the promo. Thanks.

  2. Same here. Just got back from your Quezon Ave branch. They have not yet received the Raffle Stubs and Drop Box for the (Harry Potter) Trip for 4 to Osaka Japan. But they did stamp my receipt and told me to come back some other day (no specific date) I requested to claim my raffle coupon at U.P. Town in Katipunan or Eastwood; because it is more accessible to me. Pls. update/inform the branches. Thank you. ^_^

  3. Trip to Osaka o win 100 books po para sa 18th birthday ko sa December 31. Pwede po baaa? Please. Magiging masaya po talaga ako. Please po. Please? Sana po pwede. God bless po!

  4. Will you clarify this coz Im wodering if one raffle ticket corresponds to 1 book. For example I bought 2 books (from the publishing houses mentioned) and one receipt, will I get 2 raffle tickets then or still one?

  5. May I know some books (some book titles) that are included in this promo? I bought a Paulo Coelho book this morning and thought it was published by Harper Collins but when I paid at the cashier, she told me that Paulo Coelho books are not included.

  6. Hello! I just wanted to let you know, I tried to join this promo earlier on one of your branches and it’s not true that any book is elligible. There are specific books listed on the back of the poster (I checked it myself then I informed the cashier). I just wanted you guys to give clear instructions next time and more importantly inform ALL the NBS staff because they themselves seem to not know about the promo. I had to explain the mechanics to them even though it is clearly written on the back of the poster. (They kept convincing me that the book I bought isn’t included on the promo although I saw it very clearly with my own eyes and then I kept pointing it out to them.) In the end, they gave me a raffle ticket but I did not see them put it in the box (I’m really hoping they did tho ) So please NBS, I hope you prepare better next time.

  7. Do we need to ask the cashier if the books we purchased are eligible? I just purchased a seven wonders book but did not get a raffle ticket nor was I told if my purchase was eligible or not.

  8. are Harper Teens not included? ’cause I bought one also from CLA Pagsanjan, Laguna and they say its not valid ’cause it’s a Harper Teen Book not a Harper Collins one.

  9. Hi. If I buy any Harry Potter book which is from Scholastic Asia, will I get two raffle tickets? One for the Win 100 books, and the other is for Trip to Osaka? Or do I need to buy another book for me to join the Trip to Osaka? Thank you.

    • Hello! The raffle draw for the Win 100 Books promo will be on December 14, 2016. We will announce the winners and contact them directly soon after that. Thanks!

  10. 1. Did NBS Robinson’s Gensan sent the raffle tickets last year to your office or wherever the draw was held?

    2. Who are the winners for the 2016 promo of 100 books?

    I believe DTI requires that the winners if any promo must be published.

    Thank you.

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