What’s Inside your Child’s School Toiletry Health Kit?

What's Inside your Child's School Health Kit_

What's Inside your Child's School Health Kit_

10 Essential School Health Kit Supplies for your Child’s Protection

Your child’s health and protection in school is of utmost importance. This back to school season, take time to anticipate what your child will need. Relying on the school’s checklist of what should go inside your kid’s health kit may not be enough.

Based on real mom experience, Here are 10 key essential items that you should consider adding to his or her health kit:

Alcohol or Alcogel

Basic disinfectant tool for dirty hands and objects. We prefer the alcohol type as it can be easily used anywhere.

Soap or Bottle of Body/Baby Wash

Soap for Kids Toiletries Back to School Supplies

For washing larger body parts. Two bars of soap are fine, but a bottle of body or baby wash is more convenient to handle and for better storage.

Tissue Wipes

Whether your child is a preschooler or in senior high school, tissue or baby wipes work at any age level. For easier wiping of mess and dirt, be sure to stock the kit with the antibacterial and moisturizing type.

Tissue Roll

Tissue rolls are multipurpose. Pack one to two rolls if your kid easily perspires. We prefer the boardless ones in the middle to save on save on space inside the kit.

Toothbrush set with plastic cup

toothbrush set back to school health kit

Build your grade schooler’s habit of brushing one’s teeth after eating lunch. This teaches him or her proper hygiene and minimizes your dental appointments, too!

Extra Shirt, Shorts, Underwear

You’ll never know when they will soil their clothes, so be prepared. Especially during PE class when they’re out playing sports, it’s a good idea to always bring an extra shirt and towel.

Face Towel

face towels for kids back to school supplies

For drying up larger body parts after washing. Kids also would rather bring face towels in school to wipe sweat rather than handkerchiefs because the former are more absorbent. Just be sure to choose the ones made with cotton that do not pull into several threads.

Baby Powder and Cologne

Not recommended if your child is allergic, but having a small bottle of powder and baby cologne freshens up their mood and leaves unwanted smells behind.

Small comb

For little kids who do not yet bring a kikay kit, pack in a small comb to keep their hair neat and unobtrusive to the face while they’re writing in class.

National Book Store has a ready set of toiletries for your kid’s daily back to school health supplies in their bag. Grab these Budget Bundles on the go!

Budget Bundle Clean & Go Back to School Kit

Diapers / Sanitary Napkins / Feminine Wash

Teachers usually require parents of nursery and kinder pupils to bring 1-2 pieces of diaper if they still cannot ask adults when they need to use the toilet. Your young ladies on the other hand, will benefit if you remind them to bring their own extra sanitary pads and feminine wash to keep them always ready and confident.

Be sure with Budget Bundle First-Aid Kits!

Budget Bundle First Aid Promo Pack

First-aid kits are usually available already in the classroom or in the school’s clinic. If you want to be sure, you can add extra cottons, band aids, and an antiseptic solution if you think your older kids have easier access to their health kit instead of walking all the way up to the clinic.

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