What’s in a Bag: What to Consider When Shopping for School and Lunch Bags

What's in a Bag_ What to Consider When Shopping for School and Lunch Bags

What's in a Bag_ What to Consider When Shopping for School and Lunch Bags

Back to school shopping is quite a big deal for moms and students out there. From school supplies to school bags and lunch bags, it can be a stressful activity trying to find the perfect items. Don’t worry though, we’re happy to help! We came up with things to consider when shopping for back to school bags so your shopping choices are as good as you want them to be for your child.

Tip no. 1: Durability is the way to go.

Be it school bag or lunch bag, this rule is most useful for mommies of little kids from nursery to grade 3. The kiddos will surely run around dragging their bags from the floor, filled with excitement as they reunite with their classmates! You don’t want to buy another bag just a week after classes start, don’t you?

Plus, your bag should be able to endure or withstand different weather conditions! Raining or scorching hot, bags should stay strong, right? Oh, and zippers should be strong enough too! You don’t want your things spilling out of your bag.

Tip no. 2: The Space Factor

Bigger kids up to high schoolers should take note of this too! There will be more books and things to carry around as you have more projects and school works to do so make sure your bag can carry your whole ~life~ inside.

Check these links to get started on your school bag shopping:

Nursery to Kinder 2 Bags

Nursery and Kinder Bags


Grade 1 to Grade 3 School Bags

Grade 1 and 3 School Bags


Grade 4 to Grade 6 Bags

Grade 4 and 6 Bags


Grade 7 and 10 School Bags

Grade 7 and 10 bags


Tip no. 3: Style & Personality

For senior high schoolers, and college kids – your bags represent YOU, and it’s important to be reminded of who you are (#deep)! If you’re athletic, you probably want a straightforward bag with minimal designs but a lot of pockets. If you’re the straight-A’s type of student, a bag with organizers is perfect for you to keep papers and pens in order. Really, you just need to know what exactly you need for everyday school life and that’ll guide you into choosing the best bag for you!

Tip no. 4: Lunch bags are LUNCH bags.

Lunch bags shouldn’t be bulky because, well, it’s only intended for the kid’s lunch! It should be as light as possible, so they don’t have to put as much effort as when they carry their school bag. Older kids, especially those in high school, prefer smaller bags for greater mobility. Still, lunch bags should be functional enough to keep food warm and drinks cold. Thermal lunch bag is the answer! Check these out.

Tip no. 5: The price should be right.

Considering all factors 1 to 4 above, I’m sure you now have a good idea on how much is a reasonable price for a school bag that will come a long way, maybe lasting up until the next school year. Branded bags may be an attractive choice, but more than the brand, it’s the durability and functionality that count the most.

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