What’s so Amazing with the Star Wars Sheaffer Collection

What's so Amazing with the Star Wars Sheaffer Collection

What's so Amazing with the Star Wars Sheaffer Collection

Hey there, Star Wars fans! We know you guys have been waiting for some awesome Star Wars collection just like how the movie itself is. Wait no more because Sheaffer, the brand that’s been known for quality pens and art supplies, just released it’s newest Star Wars collection and we can’t wait further to try ‘em. And if you’re asking what’s so amazing in this Star Wars Sheaffer Collection, the answer is simply EVERYTHING!


Sheaffer Journal: Yoda Lined

Sheaffer Journal Ac285-8m Medium Star Wars Yoda Lined
Shop online for only ₱799! *Free shipping nationwide.

If you are more of a “Yoda-natic” than any other Star Wars Character, then this journal is for you! It is a hard bound journal that’s just so perfect to write on anywhere and anytime.


Sheaffer Journal: R2-d2 Lined

Sheaffer Journal Ac285-7m Medium Star Wars R2-d2 Lined
Shop online for only ₱799! *FREE shipping nationwide.

Darth Vader represent! Since 2018 is fast approaching, you may want to get yourself a fresh and brand new journal to record all your happy and unforgettable memories to come by next year. What’s good about this lined journal is that you won’t ever have to worry about slant writing and unruly penmanship!


Sheaffer Pouch: R2-d2

Sheaffer Pouch Ac286-7 Star Wars R2-d2
Shop online for only ₱699! *FREE shipping nationwide.



Sheaffer Pouch: Yoda

Sheaffer Pouch Ac286-8 Star Wars Yoda
Shop online for only ₱699! *FREE shipping nationwide.

How could these pouches get any cooler? Since we’re talking about Yoda and Darth Vader here,  it’s better to pair them off with these superb pouches that would totally give a statement to your Star Wars collection.

For years, Sheaffer has been known for it’s high quality products especially when it comes to pens. But now, it has gotten way better! They recently released a variety of fountain and rollerball pens that are too sleek not to be noticed. Each and every pen comes with remarkable style without compromising functionality and quality. Below are the designs to choose from:

Sheaffer Fountain Pen: Yoda Pop

Sheaffer Fountain Pen E0921051s Star Wars Yoda Pop
Shop online for ₱1,199. *FREE delivery!


Sheaffer Rollerball Pen: R2-d2 Pop

Sheaffer Rollerball Pen E1920951s Star Wars R2-d2 Pop
Shop online for ₱999! *FREE shipping.


Sheaffer Gift Set: R2-d2

Sheaffer Gift Set E1920951/7m Star Wars R2-d2
Shop online for ₱1,699! *FREE shipping!

Sheaffer Gift Set: Darth Vader

Sheaffer Gift Set E1920851/6m Star Wars Darth Vader
Shop online for ₱1,699! *FREE shipping.

And because  ‘tis the season of giving, make a Star Wars fan happy by giving him/her any of these two gift sets that encapsulate all the Star Wars vibe one could ever have. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, who says you can’t have these as gifts for yourself this Christmas?

Sheaffer Star Wars Collection National Book Store Online

We want to know what items in this Star Wars collection by Sheaffer you would definitely include in your Christmas wishlist. Tell us in the comments!  

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