What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


Do you remember how long ago it was since you have victoriously ticked every resolution you’ve made at the start of the year? Just like promises, resolutions are the same: it can be broken.  That’s one of the reasons why some people simply forgo writing their resolutions because they’ve either simply given up or don’t have enough motivation to try to turn their lives around this time. However, still for a lot of people a new year signifies another chance to take all the chances and try again. If you haven’t thought about your new year’s resolution yet, here are some popular ideas to add to your list!


Get (back) into shape

You’ve probably noticed the spike in gym goers during the first month of the year and that’s because getting more active is the number one resolution people make. Lose weight, get fit, eat healthier and generally feel better about themselves and physical looks. Start slow and keep leveling up. You don’t go into the gym on your first day of working out again after a long time and start lifting heavy weights or test your endurance by running more miles than you can handle. Wait until you get stronger and build enough stamina to do more rigorous physical training. Do not fall by the wayside due to lack of motivation and just because you think you can’t seem to get past the 5km mark after a week of bolting on the treadmill or that you find it hard to resist some dishes you love so dear – it’s tough at first but you’ll get there!


Learn something new

What is it that you want to learn this year? Do you want to take up a new sport you’ve never tried before or maybe learn how to play a musical instrument? Pick up something that you actually find interesting and not just because your friends say it’s fun or that you should do it together! It’s good to have a buddy to join you on some recreational activities or take lessons with, but depending on your personality, it might not be match. There’s definitely a long list of new hobbies in 2017 you can try but should determine first what activities appeal to you and then find anyone who might be interested to do it with you to have better chances of sticking with it.

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Be organized

If you don’t have a natural knack to keep things orderly and structured, you might want to start getting organized! The single task of decluttering your space or making a plan to achieve your goals can be quite overwhelming especially when you don’t know where to start. The Internet has a wealth of resources on ways to tidy things up around your home and you can also get yourself a 2017 planner if you don’t already have one.  You will actually find that it’s quite fun and fulfilling at the same time once you begin to see how it improves your life.

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Give up a bad habit

For some people it can be smoking, drinking or other habits that put their health at risk. While for others it can be giving up on a person, things that build up stress or moving away from negative energy that affect their mental and emotional state. If you’re thinking about your well being and you know what has to be done to lead a better and happier life, why not resolve to eliminate these bad habits one by one until you are finally free of them.

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Save more money

Want to pay off your debts, travel more or be able to invest in a course that could be your ticket to finding your real passion? The answer is: save more; spend less money. Reduce the number of times you eat out, resist the urge to upgrade your gadgets every now and then and stop acquiring unnecessary and luxury items you may not even get to use at all. Also, allot a certain percentage from your salary every month that goes directly into your savings. So what’s left in your account is what you will spend on things like utilities, phone bills, etc.  Of course, don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while, too! It’s an essential thing to do to avoid feeling miserable!


Consume more books

Reading books don’t only make you look smart but it also promotes mental stimulation, reduces stress, expands your vocabulary, improves memory and focus among other things. Above all, knowledge gives you power. And who can argue with that? Whether you’re reading articles off the websites you visit or leafing through a fresh copy of a novel from your favorite author, you have to agree that we get a lot from absorbing every page – entertainment and awareness being on the top. If you have not read the classics yet or want to discover new authors, National Bookstore have what you’re looking for.  

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