What to Expect on the First Day of School


First day high is one of the days that every student looks forward to. Or maybe not for others. If you are one of those kids who officially dread the first day of school, don’t fret! Here is a guideline on what to expect and prepare for the most important day of your semester.

1. Index Cards with ID pictures

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For the first day of school, expect lots of awkward “introduce-yourself-moments” in almost all of your subjects. Your professors will require you to have a small index card with your picture attached to it. This will be used for your recitations and will help your professors easily identify you.

2. LOTS of walking

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Your schedule may not be fixed yet during the first few weeks of school. Expect tons of walking marathon around the campus especially on your first day. Your classes might be located from different buildings far from each other and this will cause you a lot of sweat and exhaustion. Do not forget to bring a handy water bottle to keep you hydrated while you find your rooms. (P.S: TBA stands for TO BE ANNOUNCED!)

3. Avoid icky-sticky feeling

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While you are in school, there will be times where you need to freshen up and retouch your makeup due to the intense heat throughout the day. Avoid awkward and icky moments by bringing a small grooming kit everywhere you go. This must include your personal and hygiene essentials like wet wipes, alcohol, powder, toothbrush, and the like.

4. Light backpacks

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Comfort and ease must be the primary factor rather than fashion alone. If you have several subjects in a day, expect to be bringing more stuff inside your bag. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise the organization and convenience that you can get from a simple backpack. Choose the one that has a compartment and good support for your back. Your backpack is also essential especially when you’ve got lots of walking to do.

5. Comfortable clothes

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If your university gives you the freedom to decide on what you wear inside the campus, then you are one of the lucky kids. Do take note, however, that your school hallway isn’t a fashion runway where you must wear and look fancy on a daily basis. It is always best to wear comfortable clothes to help you move around the campus with ease. Plus, simple and comfy clothing also helps you to think and concentrate better during class hours. Spy DIY Style is the ultimate guide book that will help you build your own fashion references without sacrificing comfort and quality.

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