Welcome to National Book Store Blog!


welcome to the National Book Store Blog

As our excitement grows, we just can’t wait to announce that we are set to unveil a new community section of our website which is the National Bookstore Blog! We have meticulously structured it in a way that will allow our visitors to breeze through finding the best books to read and a collection of useful content you will certainly find interesting. In addition, everyone can also actively interact with others in the community through the comments area.

The National Book Store Blog will mainly be divided into the following categories: Books, Authors, Arts & Crafts, and Advocacy among others. You will also be among the first to see regular promotion announcements to alert you of any ongoing sale happening online and/or in store as well as company and industry news as necessary.  With that being said, we want nothing less than to become a resource haven for our beloved NBS loyalistas!


If you share our belief that one can’t have too many books, then you’re in for a treat, because we will showcase an unending curated list of the freshest prints and timeless classics for you to devour. And of course, we won’t skip on giving you the details on the latest published works from your favorite authors and the release dates of its paperback versions. Whatever genre you love most, we got it covered.

Moreover, to show our brimming support for our homegrown literary masters and up-and-coming writers, we will have recurrent interviews with Filipino authors you admire and get insider scoops about their lives and hopefully, inspire more individuals to read more and incite them to love our own.  

Arts & crafts lovers

National Book Store is more than just a home for best selling books and office supplies – we carry a huge selection of fine art and crafts materials for the creatively inclined. In this blog, we hope to delight you with art tutorials and craft ideas for every occasion, projects for home improvements or for times you just feel like getting creative! Apart from providing you more ways to enhance your artistic skills, never again will you run out of design concepts for events you style or parties you host!  

Education advocates

While we all know we never really stop learning as life is always teaching, some remarkable individuals have truly dedicated their lives in educating themselves and others.  In the pursuit of lifelong learning process, this space aims to provide you with the most commendable and up-to-date educational books available at National Book Store.

Now that we are down to the final touches before our launch, we encourage you to share your thoughts with us by leaving us comments with regard to topics you would like to be featured and please spread the word about this terrific resource which we are fairly certain will become your new favorite online hangout site!

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