Do you want to get first dibs on Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark? Here’s how!

The excitement is real for Veronica Roth’s newest book, ‘Carve the Mark’. The start of a new series, it follow Cyra and Akos, two young people who come from entirely different worlds and become unexpected allies.

Taking place in a galaxy where everyone develops a ‘currentgift’ – a unique ability intended to shape the future – Cyra and Akos are dealt with a not-so-favorable one. Their adventures are definitely worth taking a look at, and you can get a preview by reading an excerpt here.

Photo from @vrothbooks on Instagram

Here’s a tidbit shared by Roth herself, featuring Akos describing his sister Cisi! With ten days to go before its release, you can be the first to be notified of stocks by registering here or clicking the photo below!

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