Up Your Journaling Game with Kikki K


Every time we feature articles about journaling, arts, and crafts, and planners, we can’t help but include Kikki K goodies. Their flattering color palette and style makes you want to hoard all of their products, yes? And to guide you which among their journals and stationery sets suits you better, we’re listing down our top favorites from Kikki K.

1. Kikki K Journal Multi Do Book Inspiration

We know we’ve already mentioned this in one of our blogs but this journal fits the most with 2019’s Color Of The Year, the Living Coral. It has managed to maintain it’s minimalist style while still incorporating the Living Coral at the center.

2. Kikki K Journal Multi Fall In Love With Your Life Book

Another one to top the list of our pastel favorites! Its chic design gives a boost of both glamour and feminism – 2 of the things that we must project this 2019.

3. Kikki K Journal Multi Adhesive Notes Set Energise

Whether it’s a reminder or a small act of gesture, writing in a sticky note is always a cute idea. Adhesive notes are statement pieces to everyone’s stationery regimen. Kikki K’s multi adhesive notes will make you want to write little notes every day.

4. Kikki K Planner Medium Lucky Multi Personal Planner Medium Lucky Stars

Your unicorn dreams just got real! This sparkly, shiny pastel color is the best fit for a loud yet chic personality.

5. Kikki K Planner Pad Multi A4 Weekly Planner Your Story

If you’re the type of person who gets to be more reminded and informed through immediate notes and to-do lists rather than relying on a year-long planner, then a weekly planner might do well for you. It’s simpler to do and guarantees you to be reminded every day; all you have to do is hang this weekly planner somewhere in your room or office where you could take a glance on it anytime.

6. Kikki K Ballpoint Pen Multi Cat and Pug Sweet 2018

This list would not be complete if it were not for these cute pens. It’s fancy, yes. But just imagine the cuteness if these pens were sitting at your pen holders?

7. Kikki K Greeting Cards Pink So Loved Love Life

And of course, journalling and stationery will not be complete without using/ making greeting cards. Writing someone a letter and being able to put it in a greeting card has become more underrated than before. Nonetheless, we believe that a greeting card will always leave a special place to the receiver’s heart.

What are your frequently bought Kikki K products? Share it with us in the comments section!

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