Most Unique Ways to Celebrate Buwan ng Wika


Most Unique Ways to Celebrate Buwan ng Wika - Shop online at National Book Store
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We’ve been celebrating Buwan ng Wika ever since we started schooling. Although many of us got rid of wearing Filipino costumes and bringing ‘food to share’ at school every month of August, it is still very important to observe the celebration of Buwan ng Wika. We listed fun and creative ways on how you can step up your celebration versus the previous years!


Display  pictures of our national heroes

Our forefathers fought extremely hard for the sake of saving our country as well as our own language. In our History class, our teachers emphasized the things our heroes went through for us to establish the Filipino language. Don’t they deserve a huge recognition from us? Make a huge poster as a tribute to our brave heroes so the next generation will be reminded of how important our language is. Better yet, display it in an ad stand so that your schoolmates and teachers would easily notice your work!

… or use a picture frame instead

If you’re not the artsy type and  making a poster is too much for you, no worries! You can try to put it in a picture frame instead. Make this as your decoration in your classroom (trust us, your Filipino teacher would truly appreciate it) or as a visual aid during your class reports.  


Post our national flag

PH flaglet

It’s not everyday that we get to see the Philippine flag in public places. More often than not, we only notice it during early Monday flag ceremonies. Since August is made for appreciating the Filipino language more, it is our responsibility to raise awareness about our nationalism. Make use of your school hallways to post Philippine flags using a good and durable sticker paper. For better results, choose the Vinyl type for it does not cause the ink to smudge. Imagine turning a boring hallway into a lively one!


Create unique slogans

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We bet many of us here are so fond of art activities nowadays. While we give in to this hype, why not turn this trend into something inspiring and informative? Now is the time to bring out your creative juices by spreading awareness about the importance of celebrating Buwan ng Wika. Nothing does it better than Faber Castell coloring pens. With it’s vast variety of colors, it is guaranteed to give every artist the best quality of shades, pigmentations and texture. The best part is, the pen itself is artist-friendly so you don’t have to worry about ruined artworks.


Participate in poster making contests

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If you’re not so good into words, then you’re probably better in visuals. What could be better than sharing your talent and gaining new friends at the same time? Join poster making competitions about Buwan ng Wika celebration while time allows you to. This could be a good outlet from your stressful school works and monotonous routine. After all, a little competitiveness is still healthy.


To Teachers & Parents: Encourage students to speak in Filipino

speak in Filipino kids

Statistics has it that more and more Filipino kids are becoming highly fluent in English (nothing wrong with that!) like as if it is their first language, but could not finish a sentence in straight Filipino. That’s the sad part. So we believe that schools and homes should partner in encouraging our youth, especially the preschoolers to practice communicating in Filipino both at school and at home. Speak in Filipino with their peers, like how the older generation played and interacted with one another. Be proud of our national language!


As our national hero has said it, “While a people preserves its own language, it preserves the marks of liberty”. On this note, may our Buwan ng Wika be meaningful especially to the youth who would be the hope of our future! Tell us your thoughts at  and enjoy online shopping at our site

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