Your Top 5 More Interesting History Books You Haven’t Read in School

Your Top 5 More Interesting History Books You Haven't Read in School

Your Top 5 More Interesting History Books You Haven't Read in SchoolWho and what we are today greatly reflects on how our forefathers fought for our freedom. Every year, we do not forget to commemorate their heroic deeds so as to pass on the Filipino patriotism and legacy to the next generation. But how well do we really know and value our history? Below are books that your history teachers probably didn’t tell you about…

5 More Interesting Philippine History Books You Haven’t Read


1. The Great Leveler: Violence and The History Of Inequality From The Stone Age to The Twenty-first Century

Great Leveler Hc: Violence And The History Of Inequality From The Stone Age To The Twenty-first Century
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History isn’t just about democratic freedom and societal solidarity. If you’re a full-pledged 21st century learner, you understand that it is also equally important to study the roots of sexism, violence, and inequality. This book is just one of the many first steps in putting an end to the roots of ferocity from stone stage until today.


2. Masters Of The Word: How Media Shaped History

We’re sure that you know very well how the Martial Law era took away press freedom back then. Masters Of The Word: How Media Shaped History is a book that tells all of us how media plays a vital role in the realms of our history. It also depicts the evolution of media and technology from the primitive times up to the days of the ‘digital natives’. This is definitely a great read for all of us to learn the value of utilizing media accordingly.


3. The Rise Of The Philippine Republic: Philippine History For College

The Rise Of The Philippine Republic Philippine History For College
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If you’re a history buff who simply wants to learn beyond your years of taking up Araling Panlipunan classes, then it’s time to step up your reference game. The rise of the Philippine Republic is a thing that most of us failed to learn or simply chose to disregard. This book is an all informative ad accessible reference that narrates facts and concepts of the Philippine history that will awaken our patriotism and develop our appreciation to the rich heritage of our country.


4. History Of The Philippines

This book is crafted for the curious mind who wants to learn more about the Philippine archipelago but only knows a few parts of it. History of the Philippines tells the narrative of how the Philippines was greatly influenced by the pre-hispanic movements in the 16th century and the rowdy events during the US colonization.  Luis H. Francia provides us incomparable insights and values into the heart and soul of the modern Filipino, laying bare the multicultural, multiracial society of modern times.


5. Before Gringo: History Of The Philippine Military 1830 To 1972

If you are an in-depth bookworm who is very much particular of historical concepts and complex insights, then this is a good read for you. This book takes issue of the prevalent origin and conceptions of the military politicization during the Marcos regime. The author consolidated a complex examination of of archival data, newspaper reports, and further studies to track the civilian-military independence, showing the extent to which the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) played partisan politics to lobby, to defend and promote the institution’s interests.

Philippine History Books

Here at National Bookstore, we value Philippine Independence just as much as any good Filipino does. That is why it is important to remember that learning Philippine history is not confined within the four corners of our classroom. Honoring the good works of our forefathers and appreciating our rich heritage call for a lifetime of learning, reading, and searching for answers.Year after year, we hold more responsibility to restore our country’s history that will soon be passed on to the next generation.

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