17 Books to Transform You in 2017

Best Books for the startup executive
17 Books that Would Transform You in 2017

Top 17 Books that Would Transform You in 2017


Changing our lives for the better is that one goal everyone wants to achieve particularly around the time each year begins to close.  We all aspire to start or continuously form habits essential to truly live the happiest life, become successful in all our undertakings and reach our maximum potential in personal development. Self-help and inspirational books have proven to boost confidence and willpower among individuals who chose to pick up a read-worthy book that can possibly turn their lives around. Listed below are some of the best selling and inspiring books  to get you started. Are you ready to transform your life? Let’s dive in!

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, ₱595

Ever wondered what behavioral principles highly influential people follow? This is one of the best books you need to read in 2017 that innumerable businesses and individuals swear by which helped them ram the barriers to efficiency and success. It’s a combination of developmental, inspirational and practical gem, which offers simplistic instructions and guides for anyone out to succeed not just with their chosen career but any aspect of life.


$100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau  

100 Start Up
100 Start Up, ₱545

Many people get frustrated with their lives, are stuck with the same old routine day in and out and often ask themselves the question: “Is there a way to break out of the 9-5 rut and actually earn a good living doing something meaningful with my life?”. Well, the author Chris Guillebeau will show you how he took the leap, went on a mission to travel to every country in the world and led a meaningful life – all without a steady income or a real job. He wanted to prove that building a business structured around the lifestyle you wanted is possible and entirely up to you – demonstrating it can be done with very little investment, hence the title of this book. It comes with planning tools to help you identify your passions and build your business in line with it.


Startup Leadership: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises by Derek Lidow

Startup Leadership: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises
Startup Leadership: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn Their Ideas Into Successful Enterprises, ₱1,385

An every aspiring entrepreneur’s guide to building a business from the ground up, dealing with a litany of obstacles, preempting failures and running a robust business offering real value. It talks about an entrepreneur’s journey to entrepreneurial leadership and how this can be achieved by acquiring and adopting skills required to become more than just a clueless business owner. As one of the best business books for 2017, this can be your key to unlocking your full growth potential!


Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow
Thinking, Fast and Slow, ₱695

If you’re up for an intellectually stimulating read that prompts you to dismantle how people think and unravel the benefits of “slow and fast thinking” – and of course, be able apply it – you’re going to enjoy a great commentary about human nature. Kahneman teaches you to recognize patterns and reason out why human beings behave the way they do to give you ease in working with different types of people you encounter. This is an incredibly well researched masterpiece featuring experiments and citing behavioral research studies offering “practical and enlightening insights into how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives”, as stated in the main description of this work of a genius.


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places: A Novel
All the Bright Places: A Novel, ₱459

Everyone enjoys a heart-warming inspirational novel that urges you to find and appreciate all the good things that happen in your life. All the Bright Places is a story about a girl learning to live from a guy who intends to end his life; a search for life’s meaning and remarkable things that happen in our lives that make one feel alive. This novel touches on death, depression and suicide, which many people we you might have experienced at some point in their lives. It takes you through a journey to have a better understanding of their pains, loneliness, self-esteem issues, insecurities and more.  And if you’ve ever felt an unimaginable pain, this tells you that not all hope is lost and there are definitely many reasons why every life is worth living.


The Kindness Pact

Kindness Pact
Kindness Pact, ₱495

If you are the type of person who can forgive others, yet find it so hard to do it to oneself — then this book is for you! The Kindness Pact encapsulates the 8 Promises (or commitments) one as to make in order to be less critical of oneself, and be more forgiving, kind, and generous to your own soul as you are to others. If you want to finally feel good about yourself and improve your overall emotional-being, then grab yourself a copy.


The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative
The Accidental Creative, ₱669

This book has taught me to pace my weeks, months, and years based on priority projects, and personal goals. It’s a highly tactical book to establish habits so that your brilliance light bulb is “always-on”. As the author, Todd Henry, writes, “In order to thrive in today’s marketplace, all of us, regardless of our role, have to be ready to generate brilliant ideas on demand.  The Accidental Creative is your guide to staying fresh and doing your best work each day. So get started in reading this today!


Advice From My 80-Year-Old-Self

Advice From My 80-Year-Old Self
Advice From My 80-Year-Old Self, ₱799

Imagine living up to your 80s, what advice would you give yourself today? The author, Susan O’Malley, compiled her interviews with a hundred ordinary people asking this very thought-provoking question. The book is a collection of humanity’s innate wisdom with its poignant advice and heartfelt messages. Before you start the year, it’s good practice to get into perspective what is truly more important in this life. Read the book description here.


Men’s Health Workout War

Men's Health Workout War
Men’s Health Workout War, ₱1,295

Men love competition – it’s in their DNA. This fitness book by former LA Lakers coach Jim Cotta features the workout and diet regimen he instills to create basketball champions. The book’s premise is that it’s all about motivation. If you want to beat the competition, one has to know that motivating factor to stand up, show up, and achieve your weight-loss game. To all the alpha men out there, here’s one way you can maximize that greatness in you by starting a workout war!


The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of Forgiveness, ₱669

The road to forgiveness is the path to freedom. It is this freedom that allows us to move forward, so that we can live a happy and joy-filled life, writes the author of this book, Joan Gatusso. It has a spiritual message that affects everyone – especially those who have been badly hurt and cannot find the heart to forgive and let go. As you begin another year, whether in your personal or business life, forgiving people is a good step towards having lasting peace and joy. Read on.


Money and the Law of Attraction

Money And The Law of Attraction
Money And The Law of Attraction, ₱739

You attract what you believe in and focus on. This must-have book by Esther and Jerry Hicks is the all-time-go-to-book of people who want to change their world and attract abundance into their life. Find out what kind of mindset, habits, and attitude attract prosperity — leaving the universe to conspire with your dreams. That is the Law of Attraction. Get your copy online today.


Fresh Start

Fresh Start Gods Invitation To Be The Best Version of You
Fresh Start Gods Invitation To Be The Best Version of You, ₱499

Who needs a fresh start this new year? We all do. In this spiritual masterpiece by bestselling author Joel Osteen, he opens the reader’s eyes on how you can begin a fresh start today. He presents eight keys to let you live in the fullness of God’s favor into your life. If you have struggled a lot in the past year, and needs a reset button now – this is a good read to start with. Find one today and place it on your work desk so you can access it anytime you feel the need for a fresh start!


Little Course in Yoga

Little Course In Yoga
Little Course In Yoga, ₱495

Why not learn something new while improving your overall health and well-being? This practical guide book into Yoga promises to get you started easily when you’re clueless on where to begin. This book is part of a series of structured learning guides where you are sure that nothing will be assumed, and all are fully-explained. This Little Course in Yoga takes you from beginner to a proficient student who can do 49 yoga poses and 12 sequences. That’s a great way to make 2017 a really productive and fit year!


Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living

Spenders Guide To Debt Free Living
Spenders Guide To Debt Free Living, ₱695

Debts can be nasty and oppressive! If you find yourself drowning or struggling in paying off debts, then this is the ultimate guide to get you out of that sinking hole. Start the year right by paying off your debts to get to the your path of financial success. Every spender must have this book in order to win the debt-free game. Find out how the author began spending fast to get from broke to badass!


The Introvert Entrepreneur

The Introvert Entrepreneur
The Introvert Entrepreneur, ₱669

Are you a self-confessed introvert? Do you naturally shy away from networking and self-promotion – yet dream of building a successful business? We have the right book for you – The Introvert Entrepreneur. Author and professional coach, Beth Buelow, helps you harness the natural abilities of an introvert: curiosity, independence, and love for research in order to succeed in business. She also brings you a fresh mindset about developing your people-skills and using them to your business’ advantage. Now that almost every startup has a unique personality and not just limited to extroverts, this book will definitely prove handy if you are of the opposite character.


The Power to Get Things Done

Power To Get Things Done
Power To Get Things Done , ₱695

Have the power to do what needs to be done; to accomplish what needs to be finished this year! This book by Steve Levinson and Chris Cooper contains a ton of practical and easy-to-implement techniques and strategies for getting yourself real productive and accomplishing your priorities. If habits define our success, then this book should be in your daily reads!

There goes our best books for 2017! Get yours online fuss free and delivery is on us for purchases above Php 1,000!

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