Top 10 Pinoy Christmas Traditions

Top 10 Pinoy Christmas Traditions

Top 10 Pinoy Christmas Traditions

‘Tis the season to be jolly and no one does it better than the Filipinos. Pinoys are known all over the world for their extravagant, authentic and long Yuletide season. When “ber” months finally hit their calendars, Filipinos begin to fill their homes with the holiday vibes. So, we’ve rounded up the top ten Filipino Christmas traditions and gift ideas that make our Christmas uniquely Pinoy.


#1: Gift-giving

Chuvaness Gift Wrappers

Filipinos are known for their generosity and since it is the the season of giving, surprise your monito/monita with these lovely gift wrappers from Chuvaness. It comes with a variety of fancy designs to choose from. Surely, any present wrapped with these cute gift wrappers would be perfect for your exchange gifts.

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#2: Lavish Christmas decorations

Johnshen Push Pin
Johnshen Push Pin, ₱145

As early as September, Filipinos begin to decorate their homes and streets to satisfy their holiday mood. As a matter of fact, Pinoys are very particular with the different decorations they will use for their household. These Johnshen Push Pins are the perfect gift for the tita who’s always been hyped for Christmas decorations. It comes with a set of 150 pieces, and have we mentioned that you could actually choose a particular color that would match your motif this Christmas? Choose your own pack from our online shop.


#3: Aguinaldo

Notecards B60408 Cake Notes Sweet Stuff
Notecards B60408 Cake Notes Sweet Stuff, ₱600

Pinoy Christmas would not be complete without this so-called “Aguinaldo” or christmas gift usually in the form of fresh peso bills in envelopes. These notecards from Cake Notes Sweet Stuff is the actual game changer as it ditch the usual white envelopes in giving these much-awaited Aguinaldos


#4: Street Parties

Meri Meri Party Decor 45-0872 Toot Sweet Pinwheel Decoration
Meri Meri Party Decor Toot Sweet Pinwheel Decoration, ₱949

It is no secret that Filipinos love to party, especially when it involves a large group of people and thus, inviting the whole neighborhood! This Meri Meri Party Decor is the perfect buddy for any type of occasion. It includes 6 lovely large pinwheel decorations that will surely transform a dull party into an awesome one in no time.


#5: Dressing up for reunions

Fashion Rebels Style Icons Who Changed The World Through Fashion
Fashion Rebels Style Icons Who Changed The World Through Fashion, ₱359

Wearing your best dress for Christmas is already an understatement in the Filipino tradition. We certainly love to invest in our OOTDs come Christmas family reunions. Give your favorite niece this Fashion Rebels Style Icons Who Changed the World Through Fashion; a style guide that would definitely help her rock that fabulous OOTD that’s just so perfect for the family picture.


#6: Christmas candies and sweets

Kikkerland Serving Tray PM18 Mini 6S
Kikkerland Serving Tray Mini 6S, ₱999

And since it is the season of giving, candies and giveaways are in season, too. Indulge the kids with loads of candies and sweets using this Kikkerland Serving Tray Mini 6s. This is the perfect way to serve the kiddos with candies and chocolates without the worry of messing it up.


#7: Happy hour and drinking time

Kikkerland Bottle Stopper BA69 Honest Boy Wood
Kikkerland Bottle Stopper Honest Boy Wood, ₱576

Who would forget the traditional Karaoke and drinking sessions during Christmas? We are sure you’ve got used in seeing these scenarios from your titos and titas. This Holiday season, give them this bottle stopper from Kikkerland to make their happy hours a little bit more festive than usual.


#8: Throwing of coins or ‘pahagis’

Pouch Ae04Sb Ecsaine Large Sky Blue
Pouch Ecsaine Large Sky Blue, ₱1,599

One of the several Pinoy Christmas traditions is the ‘pahagis’ or throwing of coins usually for the kids. For your next family gathering, make sure to keep your coins in place by using this Pouch Ae04Sb Ecsaine Large Sky Blue. This is more practical than just keeping ‘em inside your pockets.


#9: The “balot” or take-home of foods

Crocodile Creek Sandwich Keeper 6513 4 Alien Des
Crocodile Creek Sandwich Keeper Alien Des, ₱227

Almost every Filipino has the habit of taking home left-overs at the end of their Christmas parties. This year, be extra earth-friendly by saying goodbyes to your plastic bags and using this sandwich keeper from Crocodile Creek instead. Not only does it keeps your food in place but it also prevents the them from spilling.


#10: Pinoy-style Noche Buena

The Filipino Family Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from Our Home Kitchen
The Filipino Family Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from Our Home Kitchen, ₱845

We could not agree more to the fact that this is the most-awaited moment when it comes to Filipino Christmas. Step up your Noche Buena this year by The Filipino Family Cookbook. We are sure moms would love this cookbook as it enhances the taste and quality of the Filipino dishes that would definitely end your Christmas Eve with a bang!

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