Top 10 Luxury Items to give to your Boss

top holiday gifts to give to your boss

holiday gifts to give to your boss

Admit it or not, our superiors play a significant role in our life. They are our mentors, supporters, and for some of us who have established ties even after corporate years – they become like family. Our relationship with our bosses definitely has an impact to our day to day wellbeing. An insight by Kronos, a mass-based workforce management system, revealed that the boss-employee relationship is much like others we need to manage in our lives. “We get out of them what we put into them – as long as both parties are committed to the relationship. “

Truly, our relationship with our boss matters big time. So in honor of these VIPs, here are 10 of the best luxury gifts we can give this holiday:


1) Leuchtturm Journal Notebook Special Edition in Silver
Leuchtturm Journal Notebook, Reg: ₱949.00

This sleek, silver journal is both classy and functional. It’s perfect for any gender, especially for an executive who is a multitasker and loves bullet-journaling. You can be sure he or she will remember you all throughout the year because of this very helpful piece.


2) Sheaffer Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Fountain Pen, Reg: ₱3,200.00

Take it to the next level, and give your VP a luxury fountain pen to affix his or her highly important signature. It’s subdued elegance plays out in its black casing, with touches of gold and silver. Definitely, a valuable piece the boss will cherish.


3) Kate Spade File Organizer

Kate Spade File Organizer
Kate Spade File Organizer, ₱3,999.00

The Kate Spade File Organizer makes life easier for your boss (and yours, too!). It’s set in gold acrylic at the first level, while the rest uses transparent, clear material. It’s a highly sophisticated piece of office equipment that’s reserved for the top executive.


4) Jadeco Vanern Slim Binder

Jadeco Vanern Slim Binder
Jadeco Vanern Slim Binder, Reg: ₱4,147.00

Minimalist with a clean design – that is what the Jadeco Vanern slim binder is. It’s all-white exterior exudes a modern and business-like impression. Not to mention, it’s highly functional for someone who needs to carry notes, pens, cards, etc for all-day meetings. With this slim binder, your boss will never have to forget yet another written note.


5) NoteCard Box BenCab

NoteCard Box BenCab
NoteCard Box BenCab, Reg: ₱549.00

This note card box is for the boss with an inclination to the arts and want to leave a unique impression. It carries the BenCab brand – an art museum in the mountains of Baguio. The note cards come in 5 variants featuring Filipino-themed paintings: Monument Figure III, Mother and Child, Pillow Vendor, Sabel, Woman with Fan. The note cards can double as postcards, or greeting cards for a special occasion. So we can say it has both an aesthetic and multi-functional element – a gift for a boss who has everything.


6) Kate Spade Magazine Holder

Kate Spade Mag Holder 166630 Gold Acrylic
Kate Spade Mag Holder 166630 Gold Acrylic, Reg: ₱3,599.00

This glamorous piece from Kate Spade is a beautiful magazine or folder holder – a necessary luxury. It’s sleek and classy, but definitely a good office table investment. It’s part of our strike gold collection–which mix clear acrylic with gold accents. It’s one thing she can have to inspire her personal best every hour of the workday.


7) Conquer Kit A Creative Business Planner For Women Entrepreneurs

Conquer Kit A Creative Business Planner For Women Entrepreneurs
Conquer Kit A Creative Business Planner For Women Entrepreneurs, Reg: ₱695.00

Just the perfect 2017 planner for the go-getter entrepreneur! Authored by modern-day female business wizard Natalie MacNeil, she says the Conquer Kit planner is a canvass to design all your dreams and goals for the coming year. You are invited to sketch, scribble, collage, and write all over these pages, all while developing an airtight business plan with proven strategies for success. She will definitely thank you for it!


8) Kate Spade Paperweight Acrylic Ampersand

Kate Spade Paperweight 166930 Acrylic Ampersand
Kate Spade Ampersand Paperweight, Reg: ₱2,290.00

Your manager will be happy to come to her office with her papers in order. This stylish office essential from Kate Spade doubles as a paperweight, and as a table decor, too. It’s delicately shaped into an ampersand, and painted in classic white acrylic. This makes any regular office table more personalized.


9) Kate Spade Tumbler 143945 Le Pavilion Black D

Kate Spade Tumbler
Kate Spade Tumbler, Reg: ₱2,516.00

The female boss would be delighted to receive a super chic tumbler she can tag along in her office cubicle or in meeting rooms. This polka-dot Kate Spade Le Pavillion tumbler set in black is a pretty coffee break partner. Regular price is ₱2,516.


10) Kate Spade Note Holder

Kate Spade Note Holder
Kate Spade Note Holder, Reg: ₱3,199.00

Add a touch of modern sophistication to her business gear with this Gold Acrylic Note Holder from Kate Spade. Things you use at work does not have to be boring. Your boss will surely love displaying this note holder case on her office table because of both functionality and beauty.

Have a look at some of the best holiday gifts for your boss over at the National Book Store online gift guide. Don’t forget to use the gift generator for a curated selection of gift choices for the busy executive.

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