Top 10 Best Sellers for December 2017

Top 10 Best Sellers for December 2017

Top 10 Best Sellers for December 2017
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Are you ready for 2018? What perfect way to end the year but to read the best selling books in December 2017, right? So for the last time this year, here are your best sellers for December:


#1 Smoke & Mirrors by Michael Faudet

Smoke & Mirrors
Shop online for only ₱476! *Free shipping nationwide.

Best selling author and poet Michael Faudet will once again capture our hearts with his latest book! He’ll take you on a roller coaster ride of feels as he writes short stories, prose, poetry, and fiction about broken hearts and tearful eyes.


#2 Smaller and Smaller Circles (Movie Tie-In) by F.H. Batacan

Smaller And Smaller Circles
Shop for only ₱364! *Free shipping nationwide.

Now one of the most critically-acclaimed films and a best selling book, Smaller and Smaller Circles will take its readers into the story of two Catholic priests hunting a serial killer around Manila. Get ready for some suspense and thrilling action!


#3 Yup, I am That Girl by Maine Mendoza

Shop online for only ₱295! *Free shipping available.

Behind the spotlights and when the cameras aren’t rolling, who is Maine Mendoza? – the phenomenal sweetheart in today’s showbiz industry? Find out in her book as she reveals deepest facts about herself and her life not as Yaya Dub.


#4 An Open Book: Thursdays with Nanay Coring by Cecilia Ramos Licauco with Yvette Fernandez

An Open Book: Thursdays with Nanay Coring
Shop online for only ₱595. *Free shipping nationwide.

Nanay Coring is National Bookstore’s mom and her daughter Cecilia Ramos Licauco tells the story of her and her brothers’ Thursday meetings with their Nanay for National Bookstore’s committee meetings. Alongside business-related matters, Nanay Coring tells them her life stories and this book tells of those stories. Get to know the family behind our favorite bookstore!


#5 I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

I Kissed Dating Goodbye: New Updated Edition
Shop online for only ₱325! *Free shipping nationwide.

Addressed to the youth and people in their early 20’s, Joshua Harris writes why and how he decided to temporarily exit the dating scene. Find out the difference between dating and courtship (yep, they’re  different!) in this critically-acclaimed book!


#6 Guinness World Records 2018

Guinness world records 2018
Shop online for only ₱1,225! *Free shipping nationwide.

Get a headstart in the world’s most insane acts and truths with the 2018 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records! Inside contains thousands of facts, photos, and updated records all for the general audience to see.


#7 Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga

Here We Are Now
Shop online for only ₱459! *Free shipping nationwide.

Another heart-wrenching tale of family, love, loss, and the power of music, Warga walks her readers through the story of Taliah and how her love for music gets her through the struggle of not knowing her dad. After a series of events which include an Indie pop star and the surprising story of her parents, Taliah unearthed a part of herself that she didn’t know of.


#8 A Million Worlds with You by Claudia Gray

A Million Worlds with You
Shop online for only ₱435. *Free shipping nationwide.

This is the final installment of the trilogy Firebird by New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray and it maintained that thrilling tone! It’s going to be a battle between multiple Marguerites in the multiverse setting of the story as the evil Triad Corporation tries to use Marguerite’s parents’ invention. Strap your seat belts on because we’re about to go out of this world!


#9 Chasing Sunsets by Kaye Allen

Chasing Sunsets: Love & Wonders Anthology
Shop online for only ₱195! *Free shipping nationwide.

Chasing Sunsets is an anthology of Love and Wonders written by Kaye Allen. It retells the stories we come to know as children now in a different light. What’s amazing is that these stories of love, beauty, and wonder are written to achieve a progressive timeline so the stories come from the ancients to the medieval times to the contemporary age!


#10 Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs

Tales Of The Peculiar
Shop online for only ₱599! *Free shipping available.

A companion to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Riggs compiles original fairy tales that are meant to hide information about the peculiar world. This brilliantly compelling and rich book will make you stay up all night!

End 2017 with these best selling books and start the New Year with fresh stories! We wish you the Happiest New Year!

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