How to throw the Ultimate New Year’s Eve party this 2017

How to Throw the Ultimate New Years Eve Party 2017

How to Throw the Ultimate New Years Eve Party 2017

Who’s getting excited to ring in the New Year 2017? If it’s your turn to host a massive year-ender celebration among your friends, then you definitely need our help on how to plan a New Year’s Eve party that will WOW everyone! It can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Relax and we’ll let you in on some tricks to kick the year off to a magical start!

Set a realistic budget

First of all, determine your budget and decide where it’s going to come from. Will you be willing to shoulder the majority of the expenses or ask friends to contribute? Every event needs to have an ample budget to work with as a means to achieve the vision you have in mind! Once you have decided how much you’re willing to splash out, it’s time to sit down and talk about the details!


Pen down your guest list

This is the most crucial and tedious task in any event planning – picking which friends to invite and how many! And you know that oftentimes, there are more than just plus ones tagging along, so it can be quite tough to put a certain limit to the number of guests to keep everything within your budget. Unless, of course, everyone is pitching in one way or another – then there won’t be much of a problem! But still, you need to know how many people are coming to finalize the rest of the specifics. Once you’ve done that, you may think of sending them more traditional invites or a thank you card such as these simple yet imaginative cards from Meri Meri with confetti tucked inside to give away to your most cherished party animals on earth!

Meri Meri GCard
Meri Meri Greeting Card with Confetti, ₱139.00

Confirm party details – venue and theme

So depending on how many guests you have invited, it’s up to you to pick a venue to accommodate all of them. If it’s just an intimate dinner party among close friends, you can offer you home. Otherwise, a huge party may require a bigger space which means you need to start looking for a venue that is most accessible to your guests – preferably a restaurant or even a hotel suite room at a location right in the middle from where everyone lives. You know the flow of traffic can be quite unpredictable these days, so you must be particular of the location to avoid no shows.

Also, if you plan to come up with a party theme – try to give out the choices in advance and let everyone vote for their favorites. This will ensure that you won’t be the only one dressed up in some strange suit following the theme YOU took the liberty to choose!


Get your mitts on glitzy decors and props

Glitz and Glamour Decor NYE Party

Whatever theme you eventually settle on, a New Year’s Eve party always calls for gold, glitters and sparkles whether you’re feeling playful or sophisticated! Your decors and props must be well coordinated and create a harmonious vibe – the devil is in the details. You can also add an extra layer of style and special touch to your party with these paper plates dotted with golden stardust paired with white balloons that screams glamorous you could tie together to the chairs or at every corner of the room!

Meri Meri Party Gold Plates
Meri Meri Party Gold Plates
Meri Meri White Balloon Kit
Meri Meri White Balloon Kit

Note: Meri Meri items are now available on selected National Book Store branches.

Don’t stop there, match your party horns with these tasseled party hats

Meri Meri Party Hat
Meri Meri Party Hat, ₱809.00


And add a splash of color to your photo booth backdrop with a pinwheel décor set

Meri Meri Party Decor Toot Sweet Pinwheel Decoration
Meri Meri Party Decor Toot Sweet Pinwheel Decoration, ₱949.00


Simplify the menu planning

NYE Party Food

Because we know you are your busiest during the holidays, you may not have enough time to prepare the menu yourself, if at all. However, if you really feel inclined to cook, why not? Just remember to include easy-to-do recipes or appetizers with long shelf life that you can probably prepare a few hours before the guests arrive and of course, enlist some help from anyone co-organizing your NYE party or a friend. The best case is to have the whole menu catered or do a potluck style so everyone can bring their specialties or any flavors they fancy to the table – literally.


Fascinate with activities to boot

The fun should start before you do the countdown together and continue after the fireworks shows are over, right? Put together and line up a few party games for your guests to loosen up and enjoy themselves at your party – especially if you’ve invited a few who don’t really know a lot of people that will be present. Games are great icebreakers that should definitely be accompanied by great danceable music! It also wouldn’t hurt to ask suggestions from your friends – they might be armed with just the perfect activities to make everyone go wild!

Don’t forget to drop by at National Book Store to get your party supplies and craft materials if you need to DIY the look of your event space!

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