Three Kinds of People Who Deserve A LAMY Pen for Christmas


Writing becomes a joy with LAMY’s Safari pens. Apart from its comfortable ergonomics, attractive colors, and timeless design, you’re also guaranteed the premium quality that comes with every LAMY product.

But, out of everyone on your gift list, who should you give a LAMY pen to? Here are our three recommendations:

1. The hardworking professional

Have you learned a lot from your boss this year? Or have one of your office mates gone the extra mile? Show your appreciation by getting them a LAMY Safari fountain pen.

2. The dedicated student

For the studious kids who give their best in school, the LAMY Safari ballpoint pen and propelling pencil are two great gift ideas.

3. The stylish fashionista

While all LAMY Safari pens are superbly stylish, the rollerball pen matches well with anyone who’s just as stylish – if not more.

All LAMY Safari pens come in a wide range of fun, vibrant colors. Find the one that suits the people on your gift list, and maybe even grab one for yourself while you’re at it!

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