Three M&G Items for Back to School Magic

M&G offers a wealth of writing instruments and school supplies. But with so much to choose from, which should you go for? Here are three items from M&G you should definitely add to your school bag!

M&G Fluorescent Highlighters

Bright and colorful, M&G’s highlighters are great for reviewing notes and making sure you don’t miss anything important. And starting at P17.75 each, they’ll fit almost any budget!

M&G Flaglets

Keep track of all your homework, reports, and extracurricular activities. These cool flaglets will certainly make color coding a breeze. Get a set of 5 for just P26.50.

M&G Signme Pens

If you’re into lettering, calligraphy, coloring, or doodling, these pens are a great addition to your creative arsenal. You can get them for just P69.75 each.

With National Book Store, you can’t help but feel excited!

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