Three Maped Items You Can’t Miss Out On


Pens, highlighters, pad paper – every student has everyday essentials they can’t survive a day in school without.

If there’s still space in your pencil case or bag, here are three Maped products you can’t miss out on!

Graph’Peps Pens

Do you love taking notes? You’ll love it even more when you use Maped’s Graph’Peps felt tip pens. These have a triangular body for a super comfy grip, a 0.4 mm felt tip for precise lines, and color-coded bodies and caps for easily finding the color you want to use. Plus, the 20 bright colors will make your notebooks and reviewers come to life!


A pair of scissors isn’t usually something you think about, but when those projects come around that require you to do lots of cutting, having the right pair makes all the difference. Maped’s scissors have ergonomically shaped grips, so using them won’t be a pain!

Color’Peps Colored Pencils

Sit back, relax, and color your worries away with these colored pencils! They have a soft and resilient lead, for smooth coloring and blending fun. There are a total of 48 vibrant colors you can use, so you can create and complete any artwork you imagine.

Make your back to school more colorful today!

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