Three Items from Maped for Overtipid Shoppers


For overtipid shoppers, it’s always a joy to find great gifts that fit their budget. If you have kids on your gift list that you’re not yet sure what to get, here are three items from Maped you should consider adding to your shopping list:

1. Tatoo Soft Grip Scissors

Scissors are a basic staple for students and office workers. But who says they can’t be stylish, too? These scissors have stylish prints on their blades, and their handles are softer and more comfortable than most.

2. ColorPeps Smart Box

What makes this a smart box? It’s got 12 colored pencils, a basic pencil, and an eraser, too. It’s all stored in a sturdy plastic box, for easy transport and storage.

3. ColorPeps Flex Box

This flexible plastic container keeps all of your colored pencils easily and efficiently. It also doubles as a pencil pot when you open it and set it on your desk.

ColorPeps colored pencils also have a lot of great features: a triangular shape for better grip and comfortable use, a soft and resistant lead, and it’s easy to sharpen and more resistant to splintering.

These three cool items – and Maped‘s many other offerings – can all be found in NBS. Grab them today!

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