Three Cool Back-to-School Finds from Crocodile Creek


This back-to-school season shouldn’t just be about doing homework and taking down notes. It’s important to stimulate every child’s creativity and imagination too. That’s what Crocodile Creek is great at – the art of play!

Here are 3 cool finds:

1. Puzzles

Photo from Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek offers a range of exciting puzzles, for ages 2-4 and 4-6+. Puzzles help improve logical thinking, and they’re super fun too! Animals, vehicles, and other settings are waiting to be completed.

2. Lunch boxes

Photo from Crocodile Creek

Don’t settle for the plain and simple lunch boxes. Your kids will look forward to eating their baon when you pack them in the colorful lunch boxes from Crocodile Creek! They don’t just look good, but work great too. With zippered pockets and insulation, they’ll keep that baon fresh until recess and lunch!

3. Backpacks

Photo from Crocodile Creek

Of course, your kids will need a trusty bag to carry all their school supplies. Crocodile Creek’s backpacks are just the right size for them, and come in different fun designs and color combinations! Hedgehogs and unicorns, or robots and dinosaurs – pick the design they’ll surely love!

Crocodile Creek items are available in selected branches. Which of their items are you going to grab next? Let us know in the comments!

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