Things Are What You Make of Them: A Book Review

Things Are What You Make of Them_ A Book Review

Things Are What You Make of Them_ A Book Review

A Book Review of Adam Kurtz’ Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives

Adam Kurtz is known as an artist – a graphic designer, illustrator, and a book author. His writing works are mostly life advice for the modern times. His new book: Things Are What You Make of Them – is life advice for creatives. It’s highly authentic as Kurtz is a creative himself.

We’ve taken a look at the various book reviews and first impressions about his book. Here is what bookworms and publishers have to say:

Humorous tone, Helps in productivity

Review from Katherine of @thenerdygirlexp

Adam J. Kurtz uses his humorous tone to share advice on how to handle some of life’s stressful moments in his brand new book, Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives. The tone of the book is wonderfully upbeat and his words are matched perfectly with bright and vibrant colors. Each piece of advice is presented on the image of a piece of notebook paper in a handwritten style on an almost neon background. One huge perk is that you can easily tear out any of the pages to post them around your home or work space for a little bit of motivation every day.

This entire book is such a delight to read and I can’t recommend it enough as the perfect tool for helping you to grow as a more positive and productive person. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative Kurtz’s advice is something that everyone can benefit from. Something that I didn’t expect was his delightfully fun Acknowledgements section, definitely make sure you read all the way to the end.

But in the spirit of fairness and honesty, we are also featuring reviews about the book that talks about the cons of choosing this piece. Take it from Jennifer Cameron of

Too Short, Too Quick for a Book

Art Elements

Image credit:


  • I am a fan of short and quick, but this is actually too short. A lot of topics are quickly skimmed.
  • A lot of the writing sounds like cliches.
  • It did not hold my attention at all – probably because it read like a string of cliches to me.

I *really* wanted to like the book. Adam seems like a really nice guy, and I hate having to give any book a less than glowing review because being an author is scary and hard work (I assume it is anyway, since I don’t actually have experience as one). But I just can’t love it. That’s not to say this book wouldn’t be the perfect book for someone else. It very well could be. However, I am not that person.

Overall, there are good words to remember about this book. Here’s one from Cristina Arreola of

A Bite-Sized Treasure Box Of Inspiration And Guidance For Creatives

Things Are What You Make of Them-Adam Kurtz

Image credit: Adam J. Kurtz

The book is divided into 12 color-coded sections, which run the gamut from the practical — How to Stay Sane When You Work from Home and Working with Friends and Family — to the existential — How to Begin Again and How to be Happier. The advice is geared towards creatives, but honestly, these nuggets of wisdom are valuable mood boosters for people in any career path.

Check out this excerpt of the book from

admit it Adam Kurtz
Image credit: Adam J. Kurtz / Penguin Random House

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