The Ultimate Hugot Lines Bestsellers in 2018

The Ultimate Hugot Lines Bestsellers in 2018

The Ultimate Hugot Lines Bestsellers in 2018

We know how the Filipino Hugot Culture is unshakeable and irreplaceable in our generation. Perhaps, us millenials and Gen-Z love to feel ~feelings~. All the more reason why hugot lines arevery evident in all our social media platforms. Here is a guide of the best hugot books for every type of hugotera/hugotero.

Hugot Lines Bestselling Books for 2018

For the one who needs “definition”

Depinisyon Art Of Hugot
Order online for only ₱150.

The Art of Hugot tells you exactly what hugot lines are all about. Who’s in for it? What is it trying to tell you? Who should be hearing it? We are yet to know!

For the one who’s waiting for too long

Hugot Sa Tamang Panahon
Order online for only ₱175.

Ever got tested by the test of time? We’ve all been there! If you happen to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere while waiting for The One, then maybe it’s time to remind yourself that waiting brings us the best version of ourselves.

For the misunderstood

Hugot Understanding The Misunderstood
Order online for only ₱175.

This calls for everyone who is often misunderstood in relationships. If there is one thing that this book is trying to teach us, it is to not assume about anything unless otherwise stated.

For the ‘silent type’

Anak Ng Patola! Mas Masakit Ate Chacha
Order online for only ₱87.

Ever dated a guy who’s a silent type, or what we often label as ‘torpe’? DJ Cha Cha tells us why! Her book is every girl’s life guidebook into dealing with men and understanding their perspectives about romantic relationships.

Are you really dating? Now that’s some serious question to answer. There are many factors involved in dating – and it’s not a game to play. Alex Gonzaga, being a ball of sunshine herself, tell us exactly her personal experiences in dating and how it could help us find The One. Dear Alex Were Dating Tama Mali Love Catherine is not all about rules, but rather, a handbook of some of the important lessons to learn while developing romantic relationships.

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