The Most Interesting Reads and Movies About Ninoy Aquino and the Martial Law Era

The Most Interesting Reads and Movies About Ninoy Aquino and the Martial Law Era
image credit: sunlife philippines
The Most Interesting Reads and Movies About Ninoy Aquino and the Martial Law Era
image credit: sunlife philippines

Ninoy Aquino Day isn’t just about one of your special holidays. To a history buff like you who probably did not have second thoughts peaking into this article, you know too well how interesting it is to know more about Ninoy Aquino and the Martial Law regime. We’ll take you to a recap of the most informative yet speculative books and documentaries about this one leap of history.

1. Ninoy Aquino & the Rise of People Power (FULL Documentary)

You may have heard of the People Power several times in your history classes, but nothing could come as close as to watching this classic documentary. It will give you a full grasp on how it is like to be one of the people with ever so fervent nationalism and patriotism. This is definitely a must watch documentary especially when you are tasked to write a substantial paper for your history class.

2. ‘Ako si Ninoy’

“Ako si Ninoy” aims to re-introduce the historical significance of Ninoy’s life and legacy to the younger generation, many of whom have very little or no knowledge other than what they learned in school. All of the important events in Ninoy’s life will be recounted through the eyes of his colleagues, friends, subordinates, siblings and children.

3. Testament from a Prison Cell

Testament from a prison cell NBS

A talented journalist and politician, Aquino here presents a crushing indictment of the Marcos regime, as well as his own manifesto for a free society. After countless glitzy accounts of Imelda’s shoes and the billions of dollars of Marcos money stashed in Swiss banks, this sobering account of repression, torture, and corruption is to be welcomed by those with an interest in Philippine affairs.

4. Marcos Martial Law: Never Again

Marcos Martial Law : Never Again
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Raissa Robles’ work is hard to read, not because it is lengthy, but because it tells the story of the atrocities committed to our people. This book has been hitting the bookshelves ever since its publication. It is an uncensored and raw narration about the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos that began with his declaration of Martial Law on September 21, 1972 and ended in his ouster on February 25, 1986.

5. Tibak Rising Activism In The Days Of Martial Law

Tibak Rising Activisim In The Days Of Martial Law
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In his foreword, columnist and anthropologist Michael L. Tan describes the word Tibak as emanating from the word “aktibista.” “Tibak –the syllables of the word “aktibista” transposed in the style of slang popular among young people at that time –speaks of a rebellious time…The Tibak stories remind us there’s more to transformation than slogans and the grim and determined politics of the streets (or of the hills).

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