#TeamBahay Summer Goals: How to Make Vacation Break Less Boring

#TeamBahay Summer Goals- How to Make Vacation Break Less Boring

Do Art Therapy #TeamBahay Summer Goals- How to Make Vacation Break Less Boring Draw to withdraw Collect the best memories Organize and transform old stuff Throw the best summer party back to school shopping supplies free shipping at national book store

We get it. No matter how awesome your summer could be, we all come to a point where boredom finally strikes us. And while some spend their staycation binge watching series, movies, or updating their social media accounts every minute, we’ve got a goof proof list of how you could be productive even during summer. Trust us, #TeamBahay is not as dull as it seems!


Do art therapy

Creative Haven Crazy Paisley Coloring Book

Art has its own way of relieving stress and exhaustion from our body. Art therapy is one way of making you feel calm to free your mind. This summer, spare yourselves from the chaos by indulging into adult coloring books from Creative Haven.These stunning new designs offer a wild take on the twisted teardrop shapes known as Persian pickles or paisleys. Original full-page drawings allow colorists to create contrasts and make the patterns pulse with psychedelic power. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Crazy Paisley and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.

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Draw to withdraw


Tangle Art Pack A Meditative Drawing Book

Some feelings are just not that easy to express. Let it all out by turning your overflowing emotions to sketches instead. Find everything you need to experiment with the playful and inspiring world of tangle art, an incredibly soothing and relaxing way to create beautiful sketches. Each mark is called a “tangle” and you combine various tangles into patterns to create “tiles” or small square drawings. With meditation and focus on small strokes, your simple marks combine to create beautiful, detailed drawings in no time. So grab a pen and get tangled up in hours of relaxation everywhere!


Collect the best memories


Best Buy Matte Sticker Photo Paper

Summer is a season for the best yet exciting memories- whether it’s an impulsive beach getaway with your barkada, an afternoon picnic with the family, or simply a slumber party with your girlfriends. Make sure to keep these priceless moments by producing lots and lots of pictures to hang onto your wall. You can even get creative by printing out pictures in polaroid styles with these Best Buy Photo Papers. Plus factor because it is made of matte texture so it dries quickly and contains a good quality of printing.


Organize and transform old stuff


Chuvaness Round Clutch White

You never know how much mess you’ve accumulated into your room until you declutter them. And since vacation permits you to spend ample time to clean your room, you may want to organize and transform your old stuff with these round clutch from Chuvaness. Time to keep your kikay kit organized and your unwanted mess at bay!

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Throw the best summer party

Meri Meri Party Decor 45-0872 Toot Sweet Pinwheel Decoration

And of course, summer would not be complete without having the most awesome summer party. And because we are proud to be a part of the #TeamBahay, invite your friends to come over for a perfect Pinterest-inspired summer party by decorating your room with these super cute pinwheels from Meri-Meri. Throwing an awesome summer party need not be expensive and lavish. Just add a lil’ twist of creativity and you’re off to go!

You can use some of these tips to create a fun summer vacation even while at home! Don’t forget to check the latest summer book releases from National Book Store so can get some quiet, reading time this vacation. How are you spending your summer so far? Tell us in the comments!

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