The Teacher’s Guide to Online Back to School Shopping

Back to School Online Shopping for Teachers

Teachers are indeed the creators of all profession. They mold us into the best version we could be for the future. And since school season hits again, we made a list of teacher must-haves for a better and smoother teaching experience.


Grab and Go Pack for Teachers

Grab and Go Pack for Teachers
Shop online for only ₱150! *FREE SHIPPING available.

Due to high public demand, we created the ultimate kit for all the teachers out there. This Grab and Go Pack may be all that you need for all your teaching materials. The plus factor is, you can be spared from going through the crowded aisles and sections of different school supplies because this is definitely a one grab for all!



Budget Bundle Clean & Go Back to School Kit

School Hygiene Kit Online
Shop online for only ₱145! *FREE SHIPPING available.

And because lunch breaks aren’t long enough for ample grooming time, this Budget Bundle Clean & Go Back to School Kit is a go to when you want to freshen up for the rest of the afternoon periods. The bundle includes hand gel, bar soap, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste,pocket tissue, comb, and towel. Now you won’t have to worry spending too much time finding your essentials during the short break!




Best Buy Colored Fold back Clip 

Best Buy Foldback Clip Colored
Shop online for only ₱28! *FREE SHIPPING available.

We’ve always been amazed how teachers keep their sanity amidst a pile of paperwork. Whether they admit it or not, accomplishing such surely is tiring. Keep those files and papers organized by using these Best Buy Foldback Clips to make it easier to identify which tasks need to be worked on first. Half of the work is done by being organized and planned every time!




Seagull Expanding File

Seagull Expanding File online
Shop for only ₱294.75! *FREE SHIPPING available.

Speaking of organization, this file expander from Seagull works best for your important documents without compromising the space in your bag and/or desk. It is very handy and convenient to use whenever you need something for your meetings and presentations. Plus, it comes with colorful tags for labelling so you won’t have a hard time searching for your files!




A&S Undated Calendar Pad The Early Bird Planner

Undated Calendar Pad shop online
Shop online for only ₱175! *FREE SHIPPING available.

As the name suggests, it pays to be an early bird! Be ahead of your deadlines and paperworks by jotting them down in this undated calendar planner. It is large enough to remind you of your tasks and still good enough to be placed either in your desk or room.


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales

buy online Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales
Shop online for only ₱565! *FREE SHIPPING available.

This book is absolutely perfect for fresh grad and newbie teachers. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales regales all educators with its heartfelt, inspiring, and humorous stories from inside and outside the classroom. Stories from teachers and students about their favorite memories, lasting lessons, and unforgettable moments will uplift and encourage any teacher. A foreword by Anthony Mullen, 2009 National Teacher of the Year, and stories from all the 2009 State Teachers of the Year.



And while these are only some of the ultimate teacher must-haves, we want to know your back to school checklist, too! National Bookstore wishes you an awesome and productive year ahead!

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