Back-to-School Tips for Teachers

Teachers, Gear Up! Back-to-School Tips for Teachers

Teachers, Gear Up! Back-to-School Tips for Teachers

Hey there, teachers! It’s back to school season once again and we understand how overwhelming it could get. From prepping up the classrooms to planning your lesson plans. But the truth is, having a good preparation and execution for the first day of classes gets half of the work done. Listed are some tips that might help you along the way. Bring on your best teaching year ever!

8 Back to School Tips for Teachers

1. Make your classroom a conducive place for learning

This means having minimalistic decorations instead of fancy ones. The simpler it gets, the better. For elementary and preschool teachers, primary colors will do better. But avoid being too decorated as it may otherwise distract your students. Remember, the goal is to keep them concentrated at all times.

2. Make a good first impression

Your students’ first impression of you will be hard to change later on. Be approachable to your students on the first day of classes. They will always remember how you were on the first time they met you.

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3. Make the classroom a perfect place for interaction

This means not being too “bookish” during class discussions; and interacting more with the students rather than writing at the board the whole time. On the first day of class, let your students engage with one another by holding different kinds of “getting-to-know-each-other” activities. Remember, your students are people who need to learn social skills and not robots.

4. Practice different teaching methods

…so that you and your students won’t take learning as a mechanical routine. There’s no harm in trying to gradually switch from traditional to creative teaching methods. Such methods are poem and/or song writing, role playing, movie viewing, educational trips, and the like. Your students always look forward to something ‘new’ instead of sitting all day listening to the teacher’s discussion. Make learning fun and interactive.

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5. It’s not enough to know your students by name

The key to have a harmonious classroom is to form relationships with them. Ask them how their day went instead of asking for their homework first thing in the morning. Get to know their interests and what makes them motivated everyday. When a student seems to be behind versus the rest of the class, ask him about his current situation and you just might find clues and solutions. It shows real compassions compared to confronting a student about his low grades.

6. Make learning fun

Especially for preschool teachers, kids always look forward to having fun with teacher! Whether it’s board time, or story-telling, or arts and crafts, young kids easily get warmed up when you turn an activity into a simply game or play. This way, students become more receptive to what you have to teach them.

7. Set routines

Kids thrive on routines. When they know what to expect and what they are expected to do, it lessens school anxiety. This welcomes better learning. Having a routine in class also aids in helping students achieve their day to day goals, such as completing seatwork, finishing a project, or doing homework.

8. Let them learn freely

While routines establish some structure in a child’s daily life, allowing room for independence boosts one’s creativity and self-confidence. Some of the best learners are those that exhibit independence in school and later on in their adult life. When you give permission to a child to solve problems on his own, create projects based on his concepts, and even the freedom to choose his own extra-curricular activities, they feel respected and trusted.


We’re pretty sure you know these tips already. However, it doesn’t hurt to make sure your first stint as a teacher will go as smooth as possible when you’re armed with these reminders. If you want to share your thoughts about your own teaching tips and advice based on experience, feel free to share in the comments below!

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