Summer Must-Haves for Travelling Millennials

Summer Must-Haves for Travelling Millennials

We can already feel the summer heat as early as now. One thing’s for sure, ‘tis the season to be travel junkies again! All these sun-kissed skin and bikini parties won’t be complete without a list of our essentials:

All-in-one backpack by Jansport

Jansport Backpack

Every backpacker knows how important a bag is when it comes to traveling. We don’t just waste our money on fancy bags as we’d like to invest on the one with a sleek design, high functionality, durability, and reliability.

Bag Organizer by Lapoche

Lapoche Travel Toiletry Organizer

Of course, when there is a bag, there’s a bag organizer for it too. As a matter of fact, toiletry organizers are one of the most essential and frequently used during and after your travel. It will all save us from space and bulk, plus, you can almost put everything in it!


Bluetooth Headphone by Jabees

Jabees Headphone Bluetooth Sports Magnet With Free Pouch

Nobody likes to get stuck in heavy traffic. While it may be true that the first thing that pops into our minds is to react negatively and lose our temper over petty traffic, we can always choose to do the other way around. Instead of stressing yourself over inevitable traffic, why not put some headphones while you groove to your jam? Have we mentioned that magnetic Bluetooth headphones are a thing right now?



Gp Powerbank Gpaccfn03000

And of course, we don’t want to interrupt your jamming just because of a dead battery phone! The rule is to NEVER LET your phone die and always bring a power bank with you.


Bando Tumbler

Bando Tumbler

Keep the fun coming but always stay hydrated, kids! Summer means a season of excessive heat wherein our bodies drastically change, demanding us with more amount of fluids than usual. We can also suffer from dry skin and other skin irritations due to a drastic change of weather and going in and out from air conditioned rooms as well. Investing in a durable tumbler is cost-effective (as you won’t have to buy often from convenient stores and supermarkets) and very eco-friendly too!

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