A Starter Guide in Choosing your Course in College

A Starter Guide in Choosing your Course in College

A Starter Guide in Choosing your Course in College

Advice on How to Choose a Course in College

Graduation is fast approaching and before you  know it, it’s already your first day high in college. For some, just the thought of entering college gives them unruly butterflies in the stomach. We can’t blame you, ‘cause nobody ever said that entering college is easy. But choosing the right course makes everything a lot easier than it seems. Fret no more because here are some of the things that might help you  jumpstart another significant yet terrifying journey, aka “college”

1. Choose a course that will make you happy

…..to the point that you can make a living out of it. We’re pretty sure you have heard this advice many times before. Surely there’s no greater feeling than being able to choose your degree program based on your happiness. But in today’s world, it is also equally important to consider sustainability in the future. Yes, there’s nothing wrong in making your happiness a priority; but to be able to live with it for the rest of your life is already a win.


2. Choose the one that captures your interest

Now this is another cliche’ advice you’re tired of hearing. But hey, you never really know how important this is until you’re finally inside the university. There would be lots of pressure, frustrations, and expectations in college and the key is constant reassurance from yourself that this is the course/career that you want to pursue. And how do you make it? Simply by following what tickles your curiosity the most. School must really be exhausting and one way to combat this is to  consistently learn what you love to do.


3. Not everything is for you

You may have heard a number of courses that sounds pleasing because almost everybody takes it. In fact, your friends also talk about it. But it is important to keep in mind that just because some degree programs are trending, it does not mean that you should take it too. It is best to always consider your talents and skills before choosing a course-not because it may seem to be aesthetically pleasing and talk of the town.


4. Where do you see yourself during and after college?

Before finally filling up that  college application form, you should first ask yourself: “Where am I after graduation? How will I spend my college life?”. Cases like this, you have 2 choices: to pursue your choice of career or continue living like a shadow from other people’s grand expectations from you.


5. Research is key

If you’re not quite sure about the specific fields of your prospective college course, then you better do some research. Read some related articles regarding the curriculum, specializations, and years of study about that course. You could also search for testimonies of the people who graduated from that program; the latest, the better. And of course, it would be of great help if you get to ask a few questions to a professional who underwent the same program.


6. They’re not the only one

Doctors and engineers aren’t the only people who get to play with the ‘successful and enormously rich’ card in life, especially in our generation. We should start breaking the stigma that only the doctors and the engineers have the easy way out of every riches, and that other careers won’t do that ‘much’. If you want to be a painter, pursue it. If you want to spend the rest of your life in the library and writing novels, then by all means just do it. If you want to be a social worker who works for a charity, then go for it. The definition of success varies from different perspectives and yours is a fresh one.


7. Acknowledge your fears and weaknesses

The first step isn’t about accomplishing your application forms nor choosing your course. It’s all about recognizing your weaknesses and fears thus being able to accept them at all costs. It makes you aware of your limitations and the things that fall onto your “to improve” list. However as though acknowledging these weaknesses is an essential part in college, it does not have to hinder your personal growth and the fun of trying out new things beyond your circle. Know your fears and know how to manage them as well.


What are some of the college myths you know and how do you deal with them? Let’s talk about it in the comments! Thinking of enrolling to a reputable college? Check out NBS College where we help you unleash your potential and ignite your passion!

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