Sneak Peek: An Excerpt from Dawn Lanuza’s The Last Time I’ll Write About You


We’re days away from the new revised and extended edition of Dawn Lanuza’s debut book, The Last Time I’ll Write About You. First published in 2016, the book is now going to be released with more, never-before-seen content.

Here’s just a taste of the heartfelt poetry and prose you can find in this book:


I like how our hands seem to have their own
conversations, apart from our mouths
I like how we tell things we can’t seem to say out loud.
In these spaces between,
Our fingers meet,
And they fit.
There are no walls.
No secrets.

I like how our hands know how to be together
At times we can’t seem to


The world remembers
What we try to forget
It’s in the embers
Of the things we left

It’s in the concrete,
The streets we used to tread
In the halls we used to meet
When we had hours to spend

It’s in the book you carried home
In this umbrella you shared
It’s in the stars you wished on
In your skin, your palms,
Your fingers: playing with my hair

Are you excited to get your own copy? You can sign up for the wait list here to be notified of pricing and availability of stocks.

And, you can join Dawn Lanuza herself for the soft launch of the book happening at Words & Letters, a calligraphy and poetry reading event.

Admission is free, and you can learn more about it here. See you there!

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