Shop from our 100 Great Gifts to Get for Christmas!

100 Great Gifts for Christmas National Book Store
Shop from our 100 Great Gifts to Get for Christmas!

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With the grueling lines in the malls and bazaars, one who does not lose her sanity is almost impossible. Christmas shopping should be fun, enjoyable, and exciting as it is. But when you lose track of your shopping list, that’s where the problem come in.

We’re listing down 7 most recommended gift ideas from our 100 Great Gift Ideas to save you from the hassle.


1. Organizer


Everybody’s favorite! New year comes with another task to clean up all the mess you’ve put in your desk or study table. While it’s true that all your scratch papers and recyclable stuff are now mountainous in one corner, there is always a good organizer to do the task for you. Keep your pile of papers at bay with this organizer made with drawers to keep your important documents safely.

2. Mini Fan


This is the perfect gift for your friend who’s always on-the-go. Traveling and doing errands back and forth around the city surely is tiring. With the pollution and scorching heat around the metro, it’s best to always put a mini fan in your bag to freshen you up a bit. It’s very handy and easy to use. Isn’t it a little cute too?!

3. Washi Tapes


Now this one falls under the category of your Pinterest-y friends. We all have a friend who’s close as to being a walking Pinterest – doing all the fancy stuff in her bedroom, kitchen, sala, and almost everywhere! Hence, they are the DIY queens we always love. To make your friends’ holiday merrier, this set of washi tapes might just be the last piece that she’s looking for to make her another Pinterest inspired Christmas decorations.

4. Earphones


Spare your commuter friend and traveler with so much boredom by giving him/her this pair of earbuds. Our country is best known for its enormous amount of traffic and just the thought of the 3-hour travel is horrifying alone. Your commuter friends will surely thank you more than enough with this earphones, A.K.A their newest travel buddy. Now they can bop into their favorite groove music while ignoring the traffic.

5. Stationery Set


Know someone who is a study and stationery geek? Adding another one of her hundreds of stationery sets won’t hurt at all. With the numerous students giving in to the studyblr craze across Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, a unicorn and mermaid feels of a stationery set is really up for grabs.


6. Marble Journal4895198695901

Not a number of journals can ever be enough for your blogger-writer friend. Victoria Journals just released its newest design of marble inspo notebooks and we can’t get enough of it!

7. Whiteboard Weekly Planner


For the busy bee. This weekly planner is for your friend, or it could also be your mom (lol) who’s very busy to the point of being forgetful of some tasks at hand. Help them organize and plan their weekly activities well by giving them a whiteboard planner that they can hang in their walls to remind them from time to time.

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