Readers’ Reviews Compilation: The After Series

Readers' Reviews Compilation_ The After Series
Readers’ Reviews Compilation: The After Series

Readers' Reviews Compilation_ The After Series

A good book is one that makes us feel ~feelings~, and we could not think of any other book who could do better than that but the After Series by Anna Todd. It is not your typical YA romance, or the ones you have read on the internet. This series was originally published online through Wattpad and eventually became a hit in the bookstores. We have gathered different reviews from readers and here’s what they have to say:

Looove this! This book is more for New Adults rather than 13-17 year olds like most of the negative reviews come from. While their relationship isn’t an ideal relationship that is the whole point of the book and before you rate this negatively, you should really read the entire series to know how it wraps up and to know that the point of the story is different than just this one book! I’ve been a fan of Anna Todd ever since 2012/13 when she first posted the book on Wattpad! I just read the published version and it is so much better! I love it!!” –  Jay from


Majority of the readers say they have no words left to use to fully describe the After Series. We don’t blame them for the jaw dropping plot twists and the creative character development.

After We Collided by Anna Todd
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Sometimes you read a story that strikes you hard where you’re drifting in the haze left from characters who clenched every part of you. After by Anna Todd rendered me SPEECHLESS for the first time ever after finishing a book. I was left in a DAZE, my mind SPINNING. My heart pounded fast like drums in my chest. I was struck so hard by this TORNADO of a TALE that twisted and turned my heart so many times that I could barely breathe. After Series removed me from everything where I did nothing but LIVE this book” – Karen Mc from


And you will know if a book is worth reading if you can’t even put it down nor blink your eye. The characters are well developed through its complexity, and their personalities somewhat reflect us in a way or two.

Seriously, I don’t know what took me so long to find you, Anna. I absolutely COULD NOT put this book down and was up all night and DIDN’T regret getting up the next morning! I’m so in love with the way you write these characters and tell these stories. I couldn’t even wait for the rest of your books to come in, I just bought them on my Kindle! Even though I’m more of “I want to feel the book in my hand” type of book nerd. I cannot wait to tear through the rest of this series and the other books you’ve written. Thank you so much for sharing!” – by Samantha O. from


But amongst the many feedbacks from different readers across different places, this one from C.H. Armstrong from really caught our attention off guard.

After We Fell by Anna Todd
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Anna Todd’s writing is wonderful, and her supporting characters are well-developed and likable.  There’s Tessa’s mother, whom I’m embarrassed to admit reminds me a little too much of myself with my 21 year old daughter (I’m not as bad, but I’m learning to accept boundaries); Tessa’s best friend (and Hardin’s step-brother), Landon; Hardin’s estranged father and his new wife, who want nothing more than to bring him into the fold; then the cast of outcasts that are Hardin’s friends.

A great book for me is one the makes me feel.  It makes me angry, happy, sad…any one of those qualities is a great book for me.  The After series was better than great. It was phenomenal. I would recommend it to all of my friends, with the understanding that there are some very graphic intimacy scenes; but the story is one that needs to be told and understood.  It’s a good read for those in emotionally toxic relationships, especially, as I think it will help them gain strength and understand the world around themselves better. And it’s an important story for those who are emotionally “damaged,” giving hope that change comes from within. Simply stated, I’d have to rank the After series as my best read so far of 2017.”

Overall, the After Series by Anna Todd will teach us real life lessons about love, acceptance, and humility above all else. It depicts a harsh reality that it is never easy to love an emotionally damaged person, but, they too are capable of loving and deserve to be loved. No wonder how this series makes a hit across thousands of bookstores.

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