How to Raise Smart Babies: Mom-Approved Educational Books and Toys!

How to Raise Smart Babies: Mom-Approved Educational Books and Toys!

How to Raise Smart Babies- Mom-Approved Educational Books and Toys!

Based on a research study by Mommy Republic, it was revealed that the number one aspiration of Filipino millennial moms is to raise successful children. With that said, this generation of moms are going all out in selecting the right educational books and materials for their babies.

Exposing your kids even during infancy to a variety of stimulators enhances brain development. It alerts their senses to new experiences and enables them to make associations. Check out these effective, yet budget-friendly educational toys and books recommended for your babies and toddlers.


Experience new textures: The Tiny Touch Animal Babies

Tiny Touch Animal Babies
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This book is ideal for introducing early concepts in textures. Little hands will love exploring and “feeling” the contrasting, bumpy textures within the book. Watch how your baby responds to different sensations and be with him in experiencing these new concepts.


Learning the first words: First 100 Words Book

First 100 Words
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Witness his first milestone as he says his first words! This book is especially useful when you want to familiarize your little one with everyday things that he can recognize (i.e. pick up the pillow!). First 100 Words is a sweet board book designed to introduce new words and concepts to young children. With bright photography and labels, the book offers the opportunity for kids to look–and–point, making it perfect for children and parents to read together. The sturdy board book format is also easy for little hands to hold and read.

  • Beautiful board book to engage and entertain.
  • Introduces new words in a fun way.
  • Sturdy board book format is easy for little hands to hold.
  • Colourful pages with labels and simple annotation for baby and parents to look and point.


Introduce the Primary Colors: Baby’s First Colours Book

Babys First Colours
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As soon as your child can see beyond the colors white and black, it’s never too early to introduce him to the primary colours. This book is very simple, and baby-friendly. He will love the bright photographs and will keep him entertained while learning at the same time.


Entertain them with Stickers: Crayola Sticker Book Giraffe

Crayola Sticker Book Giraffe 2907/CYSB2
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One way of keeping toddlers entertained is to hand them a sticker book! Especially this rainy season when they’re mostly indoors. Let them learn about animals and their homes with this 16-page Crayola Giraffe Sticker Book! It’s loaded with fun characters and scenes for them to colour in, plus 56 stickers for them to use and reuse throughout the book. Introduce your little–one to a variety of colourful animals and little creatures including a ladybird, duck, ant, octopus and much more!


Gamify the Alphabet with: Melissa & Doug Wooden Letter Puzzle


Melissa & Doug Letter Puzzle with Case Wooden
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Completely child-safe and fun-friendly is this wooden letter puzzle. Your little one will enjoy learning about the ABCs as each piece of wood is designed with colourful characters matched to a letter of the alphabet. The puzzles are self-correcting: each piece has only one match that fits, so children can play independently and learn at the same time.


Improve hand coordination and grasp with: Play Doh Hands-on-Learning Under the Sea!

Play-Doh Hands on Learning: Under the Sea
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We know that clay isn’t the easiest toy to manage when you want to keep the house clean and mess-free. But there’s more to miss out on if you won’t let your toddler try her hand on some play-doh! The fun is endless when you give her these colourful tubs of clay with a handy book about sea creatures. Join our friendly octopus as he explores under the sea! Each page includes amazing facts about your favorite ocean animals, and kids will learn how to make five new friends out of Play-Doh! Aside from that, clay improves your child’s hand muscles which is key in learning how to write.


Bring out the Creativity in them with: The Crayola Artist Pad

Crayola Artist Pad 2902/CYAR
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Especially when you’re travelling, you want to keep the little totes busy not bored. Give them this Crayola Artist Pad. It’s loaded with puzzles, games, mazes, word search, stickers, and colouring pages! It will surely keep their brains active and their creativity juice flowing!


Support their little hands with: Jumbo Crayons and Coloring Pens

Crayola So Big Jumbo Crayon 8 Colors
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When you have an artist pad, of course you need colouring tools. Support your child’s delicate, tiny hands with these Jumbo Crayons from Crayola, and easy-grip colouring pens from Lil’ Hands. Let them spend hours of fun and creativity using bright colours that are non-toxic and kid-friendly.

Lil'l Hands Coloring Pen 24 Colors
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Raising smart babies is a mission in itself. It entails dedication and patience on the part of the parents. Good thing, there are a lot of available resources to choose from that can help you achieve this goal. To stay up to date with the latest educational supplies for your babies and tots, sign up to the National Book Store newsletter below, or visit our online store for educational books for kids.

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