How do you prepare for an exam? Here are 10 Tricks to Help You

How do you prepare for an exam- Here are 10 Tricks to Help You

How do you prepare for an exam- Here are 10 Tricks to Help You

Aaaaaand it is that time of the school year again! We’re sure you’re so stressed at the moment and you clicked this article hoping for some help. Don’t worry, we got you!

We rounded up 10 exam tips for senior high to college students!

#1 Prepare a study schedule and stick with it!

One of the study habits of the most successful students is preparing a schedule/plan. This reduces the possibility of procrastination, cramming, and info overload! Divide your subjects and lessons to review for at least 2 weeks prior to the big day. Write your schedule on paper and bring it everywhere or use your phone to remind yourself. Commit yourself to the schedule – even when it’s hard!

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#2 Start ahead

No to cramming! Don’t wait for the last minute before you start everything. This gives you the time to study concepts that are still unclear to you. Sure, there are kids who can work better under pressure; but if you’re not part of that lot, then you have to start ahead! Make this part of your study habits (especially for college students with terribly huge workloads!)


#3 Take past versions

Find and talk to people who have taken the same subject with the same teacher. Ask them for practice tests or some advice on how to ace that exam! Additional tip: You can also find some practice tests and questions over the internet to help you review.


#4 Research on concepts you find difficult

Decide to let go of the “this-might-not-be-asked-in-the-exam” mindset and start treating every concept as something important! You might be tempted to skip studying difficult parts but hey, often that’s one of the major reasons why students fail in their exams!


#5 Organize your place (and your notes!)

Clean up that desk, buddy! Remove or throw away unnecessary clutter. This will help you focus your attention because there are less distractions. If you’ll listen to music, try to listen to instrumentals or white noise only (the lyrics might distract you and your study session might turn into a full-blown concert!).

Organize and tidy up your notes, too! If you can’t seem to understand your own handwriting, you can’t study effectively. If you need to draw illustrations and diagrams to help you better understand the lesson, do so!


#6 Join study groups

Studying with others will help you not only to prepare for an exam but also to get to know yourself! You’ll find out what areas you excel at and you can help your classmate if that’s their weakness. The same is true with them helping you with yours. Just make sure your study groups have clear goals so you guys won’t end up chatting your time away!

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#7 Utilize study techniques (e.g. mnemonics)

Let’s admit it: studying gets boring when it’s the plain ol’ memorization! Spice up your study session by using different study techniques based on your learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.)! Some students review their lessons by making a story out of the concepts (like how chemical elements bond with each other like some sort of amigas!) or mnemonics of the first to second letters of words.


#8 Take enough food and rest

Do not compromise your health for an exam! Besides, how can you pass an exam if you’re feeling under the weather? Sneak in 10-15-minute breaks after every 30-40-minute review. Eat lots of brain food like nuts, salmon, avocados, eggs, and lots more! Drink lots of water too!

Bonus tip: On the day of the exam, eat just the right amount; not too heavy because you might get sleepy. Don’t eat too lightly also, because you might go hungry in the middle of the exam!


#9 Say NO to all-nighters

If you stick to your study plan, there should be no more all-nighters! You need at least 7-9 hours of deep sleep for optimal brain function. Without the right amount and quality of sleep, you will feel dizzy and light-headed. You will feel lazy and unproductive and you might doze off on the exam! So get those sleep!


#10 Remind yourself of your goal and do your best!

All throughout your preparation, remember why you started in the first place! Whatever that goal may be, remind yourself of it. Picture in your mind. Imagine yourself doing that goal. Remind yourself that that goal is worth the struggle!


There you have it, friend! Start prepping up because you might have just this one chance to do this! Do it well, do it smart! Congratulations in advance from all of us!

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