Practical Ways to Make your Beach Vacation in the Philippines Even Better

Practical Ways to Make your Beach Vacation in the Philippines Even Better
Your Guide to a Practical but Epic PH Beach Vacation!

Practical Ways to Make your Beach Vacation in the Philippines Even Better
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Slip on your flipflops now that it’s time for some sea, sun, and sand! And what better summer destination to visit but the Philippine beaches! We belong in the top 100 best beaches in the world. External beauty-wise, our beaches boast of fine, white sand and crystal-like turquoise waters. Inward, the Philippines has the most diversed marine life on earth. Add to that is our delectable selection of fresh seafood produce that anyone cannot resist!

It might be a little late if you’re still looking for plane tickets because rates have gone high. But don’t be disappointed – because there are many ways on how to make your beach vacation in the Philippines practical a.k.a budget-friendly. Here are some we’d like to share:

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Research and Plan

Like with any event or thing to do, research and planning is a must. And this is not just limited to scouting for the best flight and hotel deals, or coming up with an itinerary. What we mean is to go deeper. Learn the ways and culture of the locals. Having a grasp on local life will afford you free assistance on common tourist goals like:

  • where to eat
  • where to get cheap transportation
  • what’s the best time to visit a place

It’s also a starting point to increase your knowledge of other cultures – especially if you plan to stay for a longer time in the country.

CultureShock! Philippines

Culture Shock! A Survival Guide to Custom and Etiquette in the Philippines

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Go for the road less travelled

Boracay is crowded, and El Nido (Palawan) can be quite pricey. Don’t let this stop you from visiting the secret gems of the Philippines when it comes to less-visited, but equally stunning beaches. Go farther south to discover the virgin beaches of Mindanao. You can also go up north and be amazed with the natural beauty of our Ilocos waters.

In other words, go for the road less travelled. We recommend reading this best beach book so you can spot the trail to these low-key beaches:

Presenting the Philippines

Presenting the Philippines

From the bustling metropolis of downtown Manila to the wild frontiers of Mindoro and Palawan, and from the island and beach life of the Visayas to Mindanao in the south, Presenting the Philippines is a stunning visual portrait of this beautiful South-East Asian island nation.

British author and photographer Nigel Hicks, a frequent visitor with many years’ experience of the country, explores what makes the Philippines distinct from even its closest neighbours, investing a wide range of topics that include both the natural environmental and humane society.

The first part of the book gives an overview of the Philippines, looking at its landscape, history, religion, ethnic mix and diversity, economy, and daily life.

The book then moves on to present a superb series of photographic essays that show the Philippines region by region, including dramatically imposing volcanoes, dense tropical rainforests, idyllic beaches, and the teeming underwater world of the coral reef.


Travel Light

A common tip for travelers is to go light. This has not changed despite more baggage allowance provided by airlines. If you want to get the best transportation deals, having less to carry is key. Not to mention, it’s faster to move around when you bring just the beach essentials.

With this, we recommend:

Zipit Lunch Bag

Zipit Lunch bag

Quirky and cute designs while keeping it functional – that’s Zipit! Store your sunblock lotion, sunnies, beach scarf, etc in this multi-purpose bag. Now you only need to carry one case to go from shore to shore!

Kate Spade Lug Tag

Kate Spade Lug Tag

We know it can be a hassle and waste of time to wait for your luggage in the airport. We found a way to make it easy for you to spot your bags. Just tie this Kate Spade Lug Tag! It’s fashionably unique that never goes out of style no matter how many times you buy new luggage.


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Spend for experiences

Finally, our last tip to help you achieve a practical, but enjoyable beach vacation in the Philippines — is to make sure you don’t splurge on material things. Choose to invest in experiences, instead. Whether it’s a local delicacy to try, or a unique adventure distinct to a destination – you just have to go for it! Instead of doing a lot of shopping (which will consume your baggage allowance, by the way) – be intentional in your travel.

We hope our tips got you excited to get splashin’ on Philippine beaches. Have a splendid vacation!

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