The Power of Gratitude: How Thankfulness Can Bless Your Life


Common in life coaching and money mindset courses is the emphasis on gratitude. Research shows that the happiest persons are those who are always thankful. And the consequence of this positive disposition flows into other areas of one’s life. They say it brings about success and satisfaction in major areas of their life such as health, work, relationships, etc.

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Gratitude powers your health.

When you switch your mindset from negative to a more positive outlook like being thankful, it raises your energy level. Gratitude encourages you to do more for yourself like taking care of your body, moving into exercise, and being conscious of what you eat. The former habit of stress-eating that leads to chronic health disorders like heart disease and diabetes become less of a possibility for you. Also, gratitude helps release the happy hormones which fuel working out or exercise.


Gratitude powers your relationships.

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By being more grateful for family, friendships, and other relationships that you have, you become a magnet of love for people. There are less friction and negativity. Other people even attest that being simply grateful in your day reduces the chance of conflict in their homes and workplaces.

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Gratitude powers your career or business.

Having a positive state of mind that expects more blessings encourages your brain to be more focused and productive. Remember the times when you are ungrateful. These are usually the days when you feel agitated, less focused, and therefore less productive. By being grateful despite of current circumstances in your work and business actually helps you to persevere and keep moving towards the goal.


Gratitude powers YOU.

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One tip we can share is to keep a gratitude journal. Having an accounting of blessings, miracles, and answered prayers you have received powers you! It decreases anxiety, depression, stress, and shifts your mindset to look at what you have – not what you lack. That becomes a powerful tool especially when you want to attract more abundance in your life – not just in material wealth, but in the whole aspect of your life.


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