The Perfect Back to School Bag for your Child’s Personality

The Bohemian Chic Backpack

The Music-Lover Teen Backpack The Travel-Lover Backpack The Sports Buff Backpack The Bohemian Chic Backpack The Easy-Going Gal Tote The All-Around Nice Girl Tote Bag Little Miss Sunshine Backpack The Science Explorer Backpack

The Science Explorer

Britto Backpack

Perfect for the child who likes Science experiments! Does he like getting his hands dirty exploring the surroundings to uncover the next natural phenomenon? Then the Britto Bag backpack is suitable for him! Colorfully designed with earth tones, this will surely pique his curious mind! Order online for only ₱1,800.00.


Little Miss Sunshine

Agatha Ruiz Backpack

Her days are all sunny, and her dreams made of fairies! Your little girl will definitely love this Agatha Ruiz Bag Backpack because of its sweet floral designs in pink and red. Get this bag for only ₱1,612.00.


The Music-Lover Teen

Deya Black Backpack

This plain black, understated backpack appeals to your teen who is more attuned to his musical genius. Whether he’s an introverted, quiet type; on outgoing extrovert, this cool, black bag from Deya will certainly fit his personality. You can’t go wrong. Order it only for only ₱949.00.


The Travel-Lover

Deya Bag Bicyclette Backpack

Adorned with nice bicycle prints in the city, this fun backpack is great for the travel enthusiast! Going to school will feel like exploring a new place everyday. Get the positive vibe going for your teen with the Deya Bag Backpack Bicyclette Design for only ₱949.00.


The Sports Buff

Deya Bag Sports Backpack

If your child is into athletics, check out this cool sports design bag from Deya. The backpack is durable, perfect to last a school year filled with sports activities. Not to mention, the unique design to match your sports buff! Get it for only ₱949.00.


The Bohemian Chic

Deya Bag Bohemia Backpack

This girl likes to express her creative self through crafting, with a particular knack for boho designs. If this is your teen, surprise her with this unique Bohemia design backpack from Deya. It’s printed in bright hues to complete a bohemian theme. Get it for only ₱949.00.


The Easy-Going Gal with Personality

Chuvaness Carry All Canvas Tote

Entering college can be unnerving, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get your teen something to remind her to take it easy and just be herself. This Carry-All Canvas bag by Chuvaness is the perfect tool! It’s simple, light, yet with a kick of personality. Just right for your incoming freshman. Shop for it online for only ₱699.00.


The All-Around Nice Girl

Daphne Tote Bag Bird Design

Does she thrive in order and neatness, yet keeps her feminine side in check? This light-blue tote bag by Daphne is a perfect match for the all-around nice girl. She’ll have no problem staying organized and ready for school with this durable, spacious tote bag. Get it for only ₱599.75.


Get your child excited to head back to school with the right backpack that matches his or her personality. It adds to their enthusiasm and confidence in when they can make choices in terms of their school supplies. For more available choices in back to school backpacks and school bags, shop online at National Book Store. We SHIP FREE NATIONWIDE!

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