Paano Ba’ To? A Book Review for all Young Adults Out There

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Paano Ba’ To? A Book Review for all Young Adults Out There #NBSBookReviewCarnival

Paano Ba 'To_ A Book Review
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While everyone’s busy growing up, we often forget the essence and the lessons we must learn from it. Growing up as a fine and secured lady is such a big challenge to every teenage girl who’s just starting to figure herself out. Good thing that actress-host Bianca Gonzales-Intal shares with us her experiences and life lessons while she was still struggling to find her own identity- just like what every girl goes through…

Paano Ba To?

Bianca Gonzalez is a host, wife, mother, and a wonder woman of her generation people look up to. At a young age, I have been admiring her from afar. She’s genuine, honest and vocal with her thoughts and causes. With her book, people now know that even people in the limelight experience struggles just like everyone else.

People adore her for being what she is and how she is. This is why she truly is unique amongst other celebrities. She is happy and contented by her own charm and lets her own light sparkle just how it is supposed to be.

How to Survive Growing Up by Bianca Gonzalez-Intal

Young adults are always on the verge of making decisions quickly without realizing it would affect their future drastically. The book has helped me realize that even though we make mistakes, our families will always have our backs no matter what.

Paano Ba 'to?!: How To Survive Growing Up by Bianca Gonzales-Intal
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Personally, most of us wish that this book was written earlier. But, if it was published before then we will not encounter those mistakes and would have lived a boring (perhaps mechanical) life.

But let’s admit it, who would not want to travel back in time? Many people dream to turn back the hands of time thinking it would bring them to a life that’s more fulfilling with less mistakes.

There are times that we can just share almost anything to our families. Yet, let us not deny the fact that there will be times when we feel we are being judged. It truly stings our hearts especially when the judgement comes from our family.  Sometimes, they would criticize us when we have setbacks and other times they would praise us quickly when we achieve something.

Frankly, this is  something inevitable in our culture. There are some who have experienced heavier load in life we couldn’t even imagine. Trials are the key in being resistant to anything life throws at us.

This is the reason why this book captured the hearts of the millennials who are currently lost and stuck in a journey of rough roads.

Young Adult Fiction by National Book Store Online

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How to Conquer Insecurities

                                                                 A quote from Robert Fulghum National Book Store Online

 A quote from Robert Fulghum

Insecurities are in each of us. In our generation, it’s quite clear that some of these insecurities come in the aspect of physical appearance.  Some girls go to salons to get their nails done, others get waxed, and some visit the derma to undergo special skin treatments.  All because everyone wants to fit into the societal standards of having the ideal physical look with no room for flaws. Sadly, it can reach to  a point where one can lose their true identity and what truly matters.

“While others seem like swans, there will be people who will feel they’re like an ugly duckling. Secretly, the thought of it kills them little by little.”

Insecurities can crush anyone’s confidence and self-esteem. It depletes one’s spirits and would leave them straight to despair. Truthfully, it is normal to feel that way.  This book has been serving as an inspiration to ladies around the world by helping them love their own true selves, and that beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, color, race, and religion.

How to Overcome Failures

How to Overcome Failures Bianca Gonzales Book

Failures are always present in the world that we live in. We either surpass those or we allow them break us. That can be quite devastating.

What’s great about this section is that it teaches us to:

  • Accept our failures
  • Realize that we did our best regardless of the end result
  • Confronting the bullies that have been bashing us.

Lastly, it teaches us that no matter how hard we try there will be those times that the universe may not be on our side. At the same time, it makes us realize that the universe where we live in does not us owe us anything and the key is to learn how to dance in the rain.

There are times that we begin to question our existence and purpose in life. Most people would think that when they encounter a major failure, they would be a disappointment especially to their families.

Personally, I love how Bianca shared her stories and included Marian Rivera’s piece about bullies and bashers. It truly ignites the reader, like me, to stand up on their ground even after a terrible encounter with bullies. In our modern age, there are various types of bullies ( like cyber bullies), and there are still the traditional ones who would tease or call names.  

Bullies and negative people alike exist in this world. They would do so much just to bring us down to hurt us. Some would even say the meanest things about ourselves, friends and even families.

One of my favorite sections about this chapter is when Bianca shared her 10 winning mindsets she learned through her failures. As a yuppie, it has enlightened me to just keep going even if the world seems to gang up and turn its back against me.

“Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you react to it.” – Charles Swindoll

Other thoughts about the book:

  • The price is reasonable. I got my copy from National Bookstore; to order yours online, just go here.
  • Bianca’s book is so full of thoughts to ponder on especially life lessons! I personally love it and could read it again and again!
  • Bianca was able to express her thoughts on the subject very well. She was able to incorporate real life experiences from people whom we look up to or admire. The chapters were arranged according to importance; from my observation.
  • The artworks included in the book were really amazing and inspiring!
  • It seems that it was really made for the audience or readers who are currently experiencing confusion in life.

Because of the previous point raised, I just had to do this:

Paano Ba To A Book Review National Book Store Online

The artworks or doodles at the back of the front cover really inspired me to practice more of calligraphy. As you can see in the blank space above, I wrote my name using calligraphy technique which still needs improvement.

  • Most entries were sent by people who are really touching and inspiring other individuals, such as me.
  • I would really recommend this masterpiece to others to let them become the best version of themselves!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy now! Get it online from National Book Store. 💙


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