Must-Have Books for A Blessed 2020


Strengthen your faith in 2020 with these great reads from Shepherd’s Voice! Shop for them today in our branches nationwide, and have a blessed new year ahead.

  1. Companion

The Companion 2020 books are a Catholic scripture diary which makes reading the Bible easier and more enjoyable. It contains the day’s Mass readings and Psalm, as well as a year-long Bible reading plan, a daily journal space, enlightening commentaries, teaching inserts, and many other useful features.

2. Gabay and Didache

Gabay and Didache are Catholic daily Bible reflection guides written by ordinary people who seek to live out the Gospel in their everyday life. These hope to encourage the use of Sacred Scriptures among Catholics.

3. Sabbath

Sabbath is a study guide for each day’s Scripture readings. It aims to encourage Catholics to understand the word of God with much greater depth, and do a better job at apply it in their personal lives. Connect with us on social media – it’s @nationalbookstore on Instagram and @nbsalert on Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and YouTube. For more updates, sign up for our newsletter:

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