What does your mom really want on Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day Special

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Mother’s Day is being celebrated around the world since time knows when. We know for a fact that almost everybody is looking forward to this occasion annually. And while there are a bunch of malls, boutique, salons and spas going on sale for Mother’s Day, much to your surprise, it is not the lavish gifts that will make your mom genuinely happy. Here at National Bookstore, we believe that it is always the simplest things that matter. We have gathered some of the budget-friendly yet heartwarming presents that you could surprise your supermoms with.


Help her organize her busy schedule

25 Mushrooms Promo Pack Grocery List Meal Planner Driver Sched Gate Pass Home Blogberry

Being an all around mom is not a piece of cake. Especially in today’s generation where women are also expected to generate income for the family, it is by all means exhausting. And since keeping a harmonious household requires team effort, why not help your mom keep track of her schedule? This all-in-one planner might be just the perfect planner for all the busy mothers out there.

It features a:

  • grocery list
  • meal planner
  • driver schedule
  • gate pass and more!


Bond with her

200 52 Diet Recipes

Most moms love to spend their spare time cooking for the family. Your mother would really love it if you bond with her over the kitchen. Spend your weekend afternoons together cooking with this healthy diet book – not only does it tie the bonds between you and your mother, it also promotes healthy eating with the whole family.

Do art therapy together


Flowers Every Day: Creative Ideas For Simple, Modern Flowers for Your Home

After a long tiring week, it is always best to end the weekend by relaxing through the help of art therapy. One effective way to calm your mother’s stressed body and mind are to let her creative juices flow together. If your mom belongs to the creative and crafty ones, she would definitely love this ultimate guide for fresh and modern flower arrangement. We’d all love to have fresh flowers at home all year round, but the expense and the fact that many varieties don’t last – as well as a shortage of time – often prevent us from doing so. Now, world-renowned flower designer Paula Pryke demonstrates how the clever use of your garden, together with careful selections at the florist, garden center or supermarket, can help you enjoy flowers at home every day of the year.

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Empower her

Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

Being a mom requires emotional, physical, and mental stability to be able to raise a good family. They just do not admit it but, it gets tiring after some time. While our mothers are always seen as superheroes, they still long for our affection and support. Celebrate her motherhood by giving her a good book written by the well-known writer and speaker, Nick Vujicic. Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life promotes women empowerment and confidence to build a rewarding and productive life without limits. Let Nick inspire you to start living your own life without limits.


Always, always be grateful

The Wife

Being raised by a strong woman has an effect for a lifetime. In fact, it determines how we are well prepared to overcome the challenges that might get in the way of our future success. What we are is because of our mother; and what’s the reason not to be grateful for having them? Even without an occasion, we should always spend a little time to be thankful for them amidst our busy lives. The Wife tells us a story of a strong woman making decisions about her marriage, work, and life. Meg Wolitzer brings her characteristic wit and intelligence to a provocative story about the evolution of a marriage, the nature of a partnership, the question of a male or female sensibility, and the place for an ambitious woman in a man’s world.

For more great Mother’s Day gift ideas, shop at any of our nearest branches or visit our special Mother’s Day section online. We offer FREE gift wrapping with photo tag for a limited time only!

How do you want to surprise your mom this mother’s day? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. My Mom has been very very supportive.. not only in things physically, in materials but also emotionally. She’s already in her 60’s ( not to mention a senior already hahaha )and still a good provider and a light in our home.
    Work for her is something that keeps her moving or on the go. And this Mother’s day, a sumptuous dinner at her fav resto. For her somewhat not so busy schedule, a planner or a nice pen would be a great gift !

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