Mom Feature: Louisa Mercado on Back to School Shopping at National Book Store

Back to school shopping at National Book Store Online Philippines
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Today we’re featuring the back-to-school shopping story of a mom of 3 school kids. Ms. Louisa Mercado of the tells us about their experience at the recent Back to School Shopping party last May 25 at the NBS SM North Edsa branch.

Back to school shopping at National Book Store Online Philippines
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Back to School Shopping and Other Worthy Causes at National Book Store

It’s Back to School time! Isn’t it funny how before the school year ends the kids are wanting school to end quicker and then right before school starts they can’t wait to get back? I guess that explains the excitement every time I tell them it’s time to take a trip to National Book Store for their school supplies.

Every year I’m armed with my list for each kid, my mobile phone’s calculator and a dose of patience. Why patience? Well, the kids like to take their time picking each and every item examining it from the color to the size. This most especially rings true with my teens. I understand why though and soon you will, too. I’m sure your kids are the same way and I’ll fill you in on some fun facts about shopping for school stuff.

Kianna is picky about her school supplies from the tip of her pen to the color of her file case, she wants everything to be exactly how she wants it. To me it may seem so tedious but I understand the preciseness she’s after. After all, she will be using these things for a whole year and it’s the little things that matter making school time more fun and calming at the same time. More fun, because she has the things she’ll need giving her the ability to complete her projects and assignments. More calming because by choosing the colors she wants she’s able to control her surroundings a little bit. You didn’t think there was a bit of psychology to school shopping did ya!

pens and stabilo highlighter national book store
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For more choices, visit the National Book Store Back To School Guide for Grades 7 to 10

Grade 7 to 10 Back to School Shopping Check List

Shopping for Jael at his age is a tad bit easier though he still wants to choose the colors and designs he’s just not as thorough as his Ate. Some of his school supplies are already provided at school but we had to get other items for him. For kids as young as Jael, school has to be fun or else they won’t be excited to get up every morning. 

Mongol Design Your Own Pencil Case National Book Store
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I found this cute Mongol pencil case that has 5 pencils, a sharpener and eraser all for Php 84.75. Pretty nice deal considering that the case can be designed by Jael himself.

Watch this video on how your child can design his or her own Mongol Pencil Case, too!

Make it Mongol

Make your imagination come to life! Make it your own, make it Mongol. Join the contest for just P84.75 and get a chance to win a trip for 4 to Hong Kong Disneyland.See the mechanics here: Promo runs until July 31, 2018 as per DTI-FTEB permit no. 6593 series of 2018.Visit, and join us on Instagram @nationalbookstore, and on Twitter, Viber, and YouTube @nbsalert. #NBSat75

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One of the sections we check out are of course, Best Buy so that I can stay within my budget. These are for things like tape, fasteners, rubber bands, etc. National Book Store has made school shopping much easier though by having Back to School zones so everything that you could possibly need for school will be in just one area of the store.

best buy school supplies national bookstore online shopping
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Pretty nifty idea is this Backpack to School item that’s already classified by Grades 1-3 (Php329) and Grades 4-6 (Php399). They also have Grab and Go packs for those who are literally without time and just need to grab a set and go. These sets are divided by Grades 1 to 3 and Grades 4 to 6 starting at Php145.

Grade 4 to 6 Back to School Shopping Check List

A drawstring bag is available for purchase at only Php99 for every Php300 worth with any participating product with that famous “N” sticker.

Grab and Go Pack Back to School Shopping National Book Store
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Guess what! You get a free tote bag for every Php1000 minimum purchase with any participating products. Definitely better than carrying them in paper bags! At least these have handles!

Free Tote Bag from National Book Store

I was at the counter paying for the items and the cashier asked if I’d like to participate in their Project Aral initiative.

Usually we don’t even bother to listen to things like this but she showed me the Project Aral pack and how by purchasing it I’d be helping a child get school supplies. I had a moment where I thought to myself, Php30 is not that much to me but is a big deal to others. If I had seen the Php60 pack I would have definitely purchased that instead since it also includes a pair of slippers. So, open your hearts and wallets at the checkout lane and purchase one (or two, or more if you can afford it!) for kids who really need it!

Visit Project Aral and find out how you can help Filipino kids in their education journey.

Project Aral 2018 National Book Store
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You can also do your shopping online if you’re so inclined maybe becuase you don’t have the time to go to the store or are just too exasperated to be bringing all your kids to shop at once. They’ve got FREE shipping for you guys for a minimum order of Php1000 in Metro Manila and Php2500 in provinces. I did a bit of online school supply shopping myself last year.

Back to School Online Shopping Free Delivery National Book Store 2018

National Book Store is also now a College! Yes, they have set up NBS College and are passionately promoting education. The college is offering Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, bachelor of Library and Information Science, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management.

NBS College Philippines Back to School


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