Mix and Match With The Color of The Year!

color of the year 2019

Living Coral as the 2019’s Color of The Year has already made it’s way to fashion and trend. But it’s not supposed to be limited to clothing, bags, or shoes. We’ll show you how this promising Living Coral can rock up your everyday essentials!

1. Journal

Of course, we’d like to start with everybody’s favorite – journals. Choosing your journal for the year is quite a task, but this one from Kikki K made it all simple and flattering. Plus, there is a variety of journals to choose from!

2. Book

Self-help books are a must for this very challenging year ahead. Not to mention the difficulties of increasing your saving and decreasing your debts. Who knew that we could have a beginner’s manual towards a debt-free living?!

3. Highlighter

Of course, who would not want to miss out on the craze of pastels?! Stabilo Highlighters are always worth the hype. We can’t blame you, because their cute colors are soooo aesthetically pleasing since day 1!

4. Tumbler

It’s always a thing with Kate Spade. This 2019, level up your tumbler game with this insulated tumbler that comes with a minimalistic hippie design.

5. Gel Pens

It’s very seldom to find a gel pen with a shade closer to Living Coral. So when you happen to come across the pen section and you see this one, it definitely is for grabs!

6. Pouch

A pouch is the best buddy any organized freak could ever have. It instantly makes a statement about your fashion, too. This affordable peach leatherette pencil case might be all that’s missing to your 2019 Living Coral Inspo.

How well do you plan to live up with Living Coral as the Color of The Year? Share it with us in the comments!

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