Meet Our Generation’s Top Pinoy Writers


Philippine literature is one of the many treasures of our country. While the number of Filipino bookworms have been slowing down through the years, it does not disregard the fact that we are in abundance of the most talented and creative writers. These outstanding Filipino writers deserve recognition as much as our artists out there.

1.Bob Ong

Stainless Longganisa
Stainless Longganisa ₱150.00 | FREE shipping and COD option
Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino?
Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino? ₱200.00 | FREE shipping and COD option
Abnkkbsnplako?! ₱175.00 | FREE shipping and COD option

Roberto Ong, with a pseudonym of Bob Ong, is a famous Filipino writer of his time. Bob Ong was known for his wits and intellectual satire. His famous works like Stainless Longganisa, Bakit Baliktad Magbasa Ang Mga Pilipino?, ABNKKBSNPLAko?!, are just a few of his many masterpieces that continue to hit the shelves through the years.

2. Eros Atalia

Ang Ikatlong Anti-kristo
Ang Ikatlong Anti-kristo ₱275.00 | FREE shipping and COD option

Palanca Award-winning author Eros Atalia writes of the operations of evil in an extremely political landscape of the Philippines in his book Ang Ikatlong Anti-Kristo. This is perfect for anybody who wants to read non-fiction and socially relevant work.

3. Chuckberry Pascual

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Guided in a fictional story, Chuckberry Pascual writes stories in Ang Nawawala to expose small-town murders, intrigues and controversies, romance, and theft. You might be wondering: Why is it entitled “Ang Nawawala”? That’s for you to discover. *wink*

4. Agay Llanera

Vintage Love

Vintage Love ₱190.00 | FREE shipping and COD optionYA and coming-of-age writer Agay Llanera published another one of her stories and we suuuuuper love it! Vintage Love narrates 26-year-old Crissy Lopez’s life is in dire need of a makeover. Her wardrobe revolves around ratty shirts and beat-up sneaks; her grueling schedule as a TV Executive leaves no room for a social life; and worst of all, she’s still hung up on the Evil Ex who left her five years ago.

5. John Jack G. Wigley

Lait Chronicles
Lait Chronicles ₱200.00 | FREE shipping and COD option

Lait (Pa More) Chronicles writer John Jack Wigley is back at it again with his comic observations he started in the first book! Talking of tales of his everyday experiences in the classroom, interactions with fellow commuters and kasambahay, and a lot more. This one’s what you need when things become too stressful and you need a good laugh!

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