What Makes an Awesome Teacher? 5 Traits Students Remember About You!

What Makes an Awesome Teacher

What Makes an Awesome TeacherAt some point in our lives, we’ve all had our favorite teacher. This awesome teacher is the one who stands out among all the rest of the teachers we had and has definitely made a great impact in our lives. Below, we have gathered the five most likable traits that students remember about their favorite teachers. If you happen to know a loved one who is from this field, this is your chance to help him/her out!


#1 A teacher who believes in you

A student could not be more blessed than having a teacher who believes in him. No matter how a child poorly performs in school, it takes one great educator to see the potential in him. Everybody loves people who acknowledge our gifts and talents before we even discover them.


#2 A teacher who treats us like family

Of course, a student-teacher relationship is a mandatory etiquette. However, nothing ever beats a teacher who treats us like his/her own children by acting like our second parent. If a school is supposed to be our second home, then we surely deserve to have a second family as well. Classroom setting will never be the same if an ordinary student-teacher relationship will turn into something more significant like that of a loved one.


#3 An awesome teacher is not ONLY after your grades

Yes, our grades matter but an awesome teacher does not merely rely on that. An appreciable educator has one thing in mind – to help mold the students’ character. Thus, he/she considers good grades as a bonus and comes second after character development.


#4 We all love a patient teacher

No matter how much a mess (oops!) we could be, a loving teacher never gives up on us. Yes, he/she may get tired at times but our favorite teacher will always, always be driven to educate us about the important life lessons. Also, significant teachers are goal-oriented and focus only on things that matter in a student’s life.


#5 An awesome teacher is the one whom everyone can talk to

Because nobody likes a terror teacher (yikes!). Most of the time, a teacher becomes our favorite when we feel comfortable and at home during class discussions and even after school hours. He/she is every student’s go-to-teacher and everybody’s friend. Plus, we never hesitate to approach him/her because this teacher always wears a perfect smile at all circumstances! But yeah, it’s hard to be that all the time. Hey, no one’s perfect!


If you would be given a chance to thank your favorite teacher, what would you tell him/her? Tell us in the comments share this to all the awesome teachers out there! We have an amazing guide for teacher’s checklist items that you can give as a token of your appreciation.

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  1. My favorite teacher is Prof. Carla Jimena from the UPLB College of Human Ecology and now the Chair of Department of Social Development Services. I know that I haven’t thank her enough for all she has done so that I can finish my internship and graduate on time. She has beauty and brains and has a golden heart as well. One thing that I will never forget from her was the value of paying it forward. I asked her why she intended to help me finance my last semester and she answered that she only wanted to pay it forward. She herself also had her struggling stories when she was still studying and some people also helped her out. She and her family supported all my expenses from my tuition up to my board and lodging as well as my daily allowance. She even recommended me as an intern to a multinational company so that I can earn some money. I am so grateful to her for I have truly understood the value of how to pay it forward and that is what I am teaching my kids. I may not be earning much right now but I am surely finding a way on how I can be of help to others, be it in simple unnoticed ways or in something big and memorable. I love you Mam Carla. You have been a blessing to me, now, I will be a blessing to other people.

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