Make School More Colorful with Maped Color’Peps


Learning, studying, and creating can become more colorful with the right tools. Every student will surely enjoy using Maped‘s Color’Peps colored pencils!

These bright colored pencils have a soft and resilient lead, providing smooth coloring and blending fun! Each pencil has a standard size 3mm pigment core that won’t break easily under pressure. They are also ergonomically designed with a triangular shape for the utmost drawing comfort and the perfect grip.

There are up to 48 vibrant hues available, from basic shades to more unique and special ones. You can check them out in action here:

Shop for them in NBS!

Maped Color’Peps colored pencils and their other products are available in branches nationwide. Shop for them today and make every day in school more colorful! Everything you need for back to school is here.

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