How to Make Your Child Love Reading

How to Make Your Child Love Reading

How to Make Your Child Love Reading

Our digital natives do not need any manual that comes with operating screens and gadgets. It’s instinctive for them to search, browse, click, and watch whatever piques their interest online. Thus, it has become greatly challenging for parents and teachers to help kids love reading.

Whether you’re a parent to a toddler or a teacher to kids who are just beginning to learn to read, here are some useful tips on how to instill a lifelong love for books.


8 Do’s and Dont’s When You Want Your Child to Love Reading


Read to them at the earliest age

Kids are never too young to be read to. Research shows that reading is the single best way to increase a child’s IQ. It also enhances the bond between you and the child when both are active participants in the reading session.


Make it a routine

And it doesn’t have to be during bed time only. It can be after play outside, during your afternoon break, or even in the morning when your child is most alert. Having his/her favorite books close by, even when you go out, makes reading accessible to your child any time.

Mommy Tip: When going out, choose a book with activity pages like stickers, coloring pages, puzzles, etc. These not only make reading more interesting but will surely keep your preschooler busy while you get stuff done.

Animate and ask questions

The best way to make them love reading time is to put in the entertainment factor! Vary voice tones. Make it lively and be animated when telling the story. Also, ask questions. Let them uncover the plot. Discuss the story and ask them what they think will happen next. This technique transforms them from being passive listeners to active thinkers!


Choose books that interest them

Get your child to pick stories that interest them. Sometimes as parents, we tend to shop for the books that teach good values. While that is good in itself, never underestimate the pull of a child’s interest. Let them develop preferences and surely they’ll start cherishing their most favorite titles.


Get books with their favorite cartoon character

One trick to get kids transfer from screen to book is to get them books with their favorite cartoon character. It may not seem 100% ideal, but it’s a sure way for them to love reading because they are fans of the characters in the book.


Don’t force your child to learn to read

If you don’t want your child to despise reading altogether, be sure not to force your child to learn how to read. Reading comes with readiness from the child and patience on your part. We can help them reach this developmental milestone based on their own progress as beginners. Key here is just to keep practicing without forcing it.


Don’t punish your child for not wanting to read

Especially for kids with high energy levels, they’d rather run and play than sit down with a book if given a choice. So let them exhaust their energies based on what activities they want to engage in. What’s important is you have a set time for reading. Don’t punish the child if she’s having more fun outside at his particular age.


Don’t stop reading to them once they learn how to read

When preschoolers learn how to read, they often want their parents or teacher to continue reading to them despite the newly developed skill. Truth is, they want to hear more exciting plots than what the simple, beginner books can offer to them. However, if you let them read the stories with more sophisticated plots, the number of words can be too much work for them – it will distract them from focusing on the story. So just let them be and continue reading to them until they have reached the stage where they become independent readers of the more advanced stories they like.


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