You’ll Love Labeling With Dymo


Are you a tad scatterbrained? Are you constantly losing things, and end up struggling to find them afterwards? Labeling and organizing them could be the answer!

Dymo’s Letratag LT100H is a great option. It can hold up to 9 different labels in its memory, so you can easily switch between them all. It also has 7 different text styles, so you can even use it to label gifts and gift cards (so you won’t lose track of which gift is for who!).

The ABC keyboard, display, and navigation keys make using it a breeze.  It’s compact and easy to carry around, so if you’ve got a friend moving in or out of a place, you can just bring this with you and help them out. Or, if you know someone who might appreciate a device like this, it makes a great gift idea!

Grab this Dymo Letratag labeler in NBS today, and check out the rest of Dymo’s amazing range of products.

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