What are you looking forward to this Sem Break? Here are 10 Ideas

What are you looking forward to this Sem Break? Here are 10 Ideas

What are you looking forward to this Sem Break- Here are 10 Ideas

Sem break is just right around the corner and students everywhere are frantically completing school requirements so they could start the vacation! Still got no ideas on how to spend sem break? We got you, friend! Here are 10 sem break ideas you can try out:


#1 Volunteer to a non-profit/non-governmental organization

Choose from a wide range of organizations in the country and volunteer in one or two of their projects! Pick out the organization whose values really matter to you. For instance, if you’re into health care, you might want to volunteer at Red Cross. If you’re into social development, try out Gawad Kalinga. There are a lot more out there – check them out! Here at NBS, our advocacy is education for all, known as Project Aral.


#2 Try out something new – even at home!

Make the sem break a fruitful one by learning a new skill! Try venturing into the arts like music, painting, drawing, dancing, and photography. You can also learn simple household tasks like cooking, washing the laundry, defrosting the fridge, or cleaning the bathroom. Really, just try something new – small or not!

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#3 Read books

If you’ve been keeping a reading list (if not, check our recommended reads for the sem break!), the sem break is a perfect time to catch up! Take advantage of this time while there are no school-related things to worry about! Every month, the NBS blog features our top 10 best selling list of titles for you to indulge in. So give in!


#4 Catch up on sleep

You deserve much needed sleep, you hardworking student! We know you’ve been sleep deprived for the past 4 or so months with all those exam weeks. The sem break is the period for recharging! Tuck into the sheets and sleep soundly!


#5 Exercise

We also know you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start exercising but can’t find the time to do so with all the school works requiring your full attention! Well, why don’t you get started this sem break? Find a fitness program for you and hit the gym! If you don’t prefer the gym, you can jog around a nearby track or around your neighborhood. Just keep yourself moving and sweat the stress away!


#6 Write

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It may be poetry, a short story, or just a diary entry, but one of the most effective ways of expressing yourself is through writing. Start up a blog or revamp an existing one or keep the good ol’ notebook-and-pen combination and write your thoughts and feelings! It’ll keep you sane!


#7 Spend time with non-school friends

Time to have a date with your outside-of-school friends too! Set separate dates with your high school bffs, grade school pals, church mates, and your other group of friends! It doesn’t have to be at expensive coffee and tea shops; you can have sleepovers, jamming, movie or series marathon, or just kwentuhan! What’s important is you spend time together!


#8 Bond with the family

Of course the vacation won’t be complete without a family day out! Bond with your sibs and parents by taking them out on a meal or doing something together like baking or biking! Remember to take pictures so you can look back at these wonderful times when you’re getting stressed out in school again!

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#9 Travel

Make the most out of the sem break by travelling within the country or abroad! Go with your friends or family before the holiday rush kicks in and flights are fully booked!


#10 Plan the next semester

Just like any other battle, early preparation gives you an advantage! Update your journals and calendars, clear up your laptop or computer, declutter your study desk, and make time tables for classes and activities in between! You can do advanced reading and researching so you’ll not go into classes clueless! Remember: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

You can try one or two or all of these ideas and make your sem break fun. We wish you a productive and restful sem break, folks!


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