Let’s Do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge

Read Out Loud Challenge

The love for reading has been at the core of National Book Store’s advocacy for the past 75 years. Now, they’re inviting every single one of you to share and support this love with the #ReadOutLoudChallenge!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Pick your favorite line from any book.

2. Take a video of yourself reading it out loud. Upload it on Facebook and / or Instagram.

3. In the caption, tag @nbsalert, #ReadOutLoudChallenge, and 3 or more friends.

For every 75 videos uploaded, the NBS Foundation will set up 1 school library in a community here in the Philippines until the goal of 7,500 videos or 100 school libraries is reached! That’s 100 new school libraries for thousands of Filipino children. Filled with quality books, these will nurture their mind, inspire their creativity, and support their education.

While the NBS Foundation regularly builds and sets up libraries for thousands of students, this campaign isn’t just meant for them  – it also serves to remind everyone on social media about the power and importance of reading.

So, are you up for the challenge? Here are some of the people who have accepted it!



What are you waiting for? Take the #ReadOutLoudChallenge today and let’s reach the goal of 100 school libraries!

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15 responses to “Let’s Do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge”

  1. Hi NBS,

    I’m currently doing the #ReadOutLoudChallenge, though I’ve uploaded a number of my videos on Youtube. Will those still be counted? I also shared them on Facebook with the appropriate hashtag and tagged you guys. I really do hope they’ll still be counted. Thank you!

    • Hi Jonette! Thank you so much for joining. Yes, your videos will still be counted. We just recommend that you upload on Facebook and Instagram, but those uploaded on YouTube will be counted as well. 🙂

  2. Where do we get an update on the latest count of videos that have been uploaded for the ‘read out loud challenge’? Thanks!

  3. Hello po!

    I just have a few questions:

    1. Is it alright to do more than one video, with, of course, different lines from different books?

    2. If a video is posted in FB, and then, this same exact video is posted again in IG, will that be counted — like, will you count it as one video, or two?

    Thank you! 😀 I will definitely support this!

  4. When is the deadline? I have heard of this challenge a few weeks ago pa and I want to know if it’s still going on.? 🙂

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