Lang Leav’s Sad Girls is coming in May 2017


Oh, Lang Leav. After her Anthology of Love box set (an NBS exclusive!), Lang Leav has another treat for her fans and readers everywhere. She announced that her debut novel, Sad Girls, will be released on May 30, 2017.

About the Book

Sad Girls is a contemporary young adult / new adult novel. It’s a coming of age story, where young love, dark secrets and tragedy collide.

It features Audrey, a schoolgirl whose world is spinning out of control after a lie she told leads to disastrous consequences – including her classmate Ana now being dead. She meets the enigmatic Rad, a boy who could turn it all around. But their romance is ill-timed, and it could be what pushes her to the edge.

Though there’s still 4 months to go before its release, you can register here and be notified once stocks are available. If you haven’t yet, check out Leav’s other works here.

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